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Mobile Video Advertising types and their advantages

Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video is growing steadily in the recent years and the amount spent on video ads is also doubled. The reasons for this are the growth in smartphones, easy availability of broadband services and so on. Here are few types of mobile video ads that are getting popular and are effective.

Vertical Video Ads

Mobile users prefer watching videos in upright position and this is why vertical videos are becoming popular. Studies revealed that vertical ads outperform other horizontal ads. The chances of users watching the video ads increase when these are vertical ads.

360- Degree Video Ads

This type of mobile video advertising is growing steadily. Attention span of mobile users is very shot but with 360 – degree video ads, customer engagement increases. The click-through rates of this type of ads are also higher. The format also attracts more likes, shares, and subscriptions than the standard format of video ads. This format proved to be more engaging, and in future, we are going to see more of this type of video ads.

In-Banner Video Ads

These are the most popular mobile ad format. These types of ads are unobtrusive and appear at the top or bottom of the screen. Detailed information cannot be provided in these ads due to little space. These are simple and safe to increase brand recognition.

Shoppable Video Ads

Video ads are powerful tools and digital video spending is increasing year by year. The new format of mobile video ads is shoppable video ads that combine content and business. The audience can know about the product and also get information about how to buy the product. Shop Now buttons are included in the video ad and the process of purchase complete on the spot. It is the most efficient way to increase conversions.

Carousel Video Ads

Initially carousel ads showed only photos and a call to action button. Now a video can also be added to the ad along with headlines and links. In a single ad unit, call to action and other above things can be added. Carousel video ads can be used to show products that businesses sell on their apps, show details about the product.

InLine Mobile Video Ads

These are also called the banners and these appear inline with the video content. Inline ads are placed on either at the top or at the bottom of the video ads. These are used on both smartphones and tablets.

Out stream Video Ads

Out stream video ads are quick to offer video inventory. Studies proved that out stream mobile video ads are highly effective. These types of video ads offer better viewability.

Mobile video ads help in lead generation and to improve customer’s engagement. These ads also help to increase brand awareness. The click-through rate is higher on desktop ads. The mobile video ads that are interesting and appealing are shared by the viewers on social media. It helps the video to get more exposure. The ads that are around thirty seconds are watches till the end on mobile unlike on desktop. The audio and visual elements in video ads help it to perform well and make them more effective.

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