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Mobile Video Advertising Best Practices

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Marketers are integrating their mobile video marketing strategies to get benefitted with the publishers and to provide the customers with the best experience. The mobile video ads are growing more than 200 percent from previous year. Even companies are spending significant revenue for the mobile video adverting today and were earning better income and customer engagement levels via mobile. Now marketers are competing for one another with creative practices in mobile video advertising and participating in the competitive race to reach their targets. Here are some best practices that marketers are following in mobile video advertising.

Short form mobile videos

Marketers are following the creation of their videos in short form and simple form to make the customers get clear about the message conveyed by the brand through video ads. Viewers were also interested in the short form videos rather than long form. So, marketers are following the same to reach the consumers online.

Skippable Vs non-Skippable video ads on Mobile

Marketers included the skippable and non-skippable videos ads as their marketing plan because many viewers on mobile were watching both forms of videos equally. Sometimes they may not be interested in the ads and have an option to skip, and unskippable ads will remain up to 15 to 50 seconds long. From the research reports, it was revealed that the content which is attractive and creative got good responses from the consumers for the ads.

Relevant content

Marketers are avoiding the fake backlinks and popup on their sites and making their videos bandwidth get adjusted with the mobile user’s bandwidth to make the viewers comfortable on their devices. The viewers are also interested in the relevant content.

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