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Mind Numbing Facebook Video Facts, Figures

Mind Numbing Facebook Video Facts, Figures

Facebook video is the best alternative for the advertisers to promote their brands. People are spending 3 times longer time to watch live videos. The craze of live video is challenging the businessperson to target the social media websites. Facebook video revels the advertiser growth in the video marketing field. The list of Facebook Video Facts are given here.

  1. Out of every 10 people, one was on Facebook platform
  2. Nearly some 31 million business are having the Fan page on Facebook platform
  3. Nearly 20 million business had optimized their business pages for the mobile format
  4. Nearly 1.6 million business are spending on online advertising on Facebook platform
  5. 400 million people are using Facebook through mobile.
  6. Nearly 800 million people are using Facebook daily
  7. 1.34 million people are logging on to the Facebook atleast once in a month.
  8. Nearly some 64% of users on Facebook are engaging on the Facebook platform
  9. Facebook users are spending 40 minutes average time on the Facebook platform
  10. 13b messages are sent every day from Facebook globally
  11. More than 250 million people are using the Facebook messenger every month
  12. 3 billion dollars were spent on Facebook advertising every month.
  13. The engagement on Facebook platform during the world cup is nearly 1 billion
  14. The Facebook video watching have greatly increased
  15. The majority of the Facebook revenue is noticed from the countries US and Canada
  16. According to the second quarter reports in 2014, the Facebook platform have earned nearly 2 billion dollars
  17. More than 82% of the top most applications are on the iOS and android
  18. Nearly more than 725 internet using people in USA were on the Facebook platform
  19. 800 million photos were uploaded onto the Facebook till now
  20. The value of the Facebook is 85 billion dollars


here we have given best 30 mind numbering facts about Facebook video. Facebook video has given best opportunities fro the video ad agencies to promote their brands bin between video ads.

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