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Mind Blowing Facts About Pay TV Market

Pay TV is a subscription based streaming services, mainly it started from UK. The present generation is moving to curd cutting and raising their hands on online television streaming services.Global pay TV Subscription revenue penetration is growing for next few years. Global Pay TV penetration charger are raised 50 percent by 2017.

  1. The CAT TV which is the real name of Cable Tv that we are calling today. The CAT means Community antenna television developed in 1940
  2. The Cable Tv was operated previously in US for only 68 communities
  3. New rules have passed during the 1972
  4. More than 75 million subscribers are present in 2002 year
  5. In 2002 the penetration of the pay tv have raised 70 percent
  6. Direct broadcast satellite is the fastest growing segment during the 1995
  7. By 2011 more than 500 systems hbave served more than 62 million subscribers which were equals to the more than 35 thousand communities
  8. It was expected that the world wide pay Tv has crossed nearly 930 million subscribers at the end
  9. The revenue which has obtained from the worldwide have raised in the year 2013 to 111 billions in the market
  10. In Latin America, the subscribers have grew in during the world cup matches during 2014
  11. It was estimated by the reports, that the Pay TV will gain nearly 1.2 billion subscribers which will generate some US340$ when we reach 2019 year
  12. Indian industry markets of Pay TV have were expected to be gained more than 12.3 millions by 2018
  13. The average growth of the pay TV per year was expected to be 11% annually
  14. More than 66 million Pay TV consumers are present in India during 2013
  15. In 2009 the Pay TV revenues have raised with the commercial ads
  16. It was expected that more than 24 billion dollars revenue will be obtained for the Pay TV when reaches the same speed up to 2023
  17. The DTH consumers are also get increased to 28 million in 2013
  18. The Pay TV in Russia also continued its growth towards 43 millions and 35 million consumers in the year 2013
  19. More than 39 million households were connected in Asia with Pay Tv services
  20. The Total Pay TV households have increased to 35 percent world wide


The worldwide revenue is incensing by the years with streaming services. here we have listed some mind blowing facts about Pay TV Market for users reference.

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