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Mike Jones – Founder and 360 film maker at Immersion VR : Exclusive Interview

Mike Jones

An Exclusive interview with Mike Jones – Founder and 360 filmmakers at Immersion VR for readers.

Tell us something about your Company IMMERSION VR?

We create impressive 360 videos and virtual reality experiences for many applications from real estate to documentary to events and more.


VR Visualisation is a term given to the pre-visualization of any product using VR. We create 3D 360 renders of real estate that has not yet been built, allowing the buyer, seller or construction company to experience the building in full virtual reality with a true sense of space and scale.

Our virtual tours services involve 360 videos with full 360-degree spatial audio, creating immersive experiences that can be used to travel to locations all around the globe. Virtual tours are also popular with businesses wanting to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

What is the latest trends Virtual Reality ?

As more and more 360 consumer cameras will hit the market, we are going to see a huge increase in 360 content. Overall, the quality of these will be poor and established content producers such as Immersion VR will be in high demand to produce consistently high-quality videos at a professional standard.

Tell us something about your IMMERSION VR process concerning Video Industry?

We work in similar ways to conventional video production houses, but there are lots of new things to consider when producing, shooting and editing 360 videos such as: hiding crew and lighting, directing, location shooting when everything is visible, motion, etc

What is IMMERSION VR Success Model?

Our success model is to consistently produce high-quality content to set us apart from anyone else doing this. Constantly innovating to produce new concepts which can take 360 video/VR to a new level. The rules of 360 filmmaking are still being written, and it is exciting to be at the forefront.

Tell something about 360 degree video services in IMMERSION VR?

By using a seven-camera rig, rather than traditional six camera array we can deliver a higher quality product with better stitching and less parallax (warping). We capture in full 4K for high-resolution playback.

The best immersive experiences come from high-quality video and sound. Content can be displayed online via 360° enabled sites such as YouTube and Facebook, or via custom standalone apps.

Spatial audio allows the viewer to experience full 360° sound which response to where the viewer looks. It allows the sound to direct the viewer’s attention and create a more realistic experience. This feature requires headphones.

Dynamic on-screen motion graphics are applied in the 3D space to be viewed in complete 360°. Whether it is additional information to help tell the story, company logos or even removing objects from the footage, our post-production services deliver complete VR experiences that stand out.

Tell us something about upcoming Online Video Trends?

The power or 360 videos as a marketing tool will show in 2017. Each household will have a headset just as they have a tablet lying around.

There will be a lot of poor quality, consumer level 360 video flooding onto the video platforms in 2017 but this will only direct companies to established content creators such as Immersion VR.

What are the Latest IMMERSION VR services that can help brands?

It is all about using 360 videos in the right way to market your business. Our knowledge of the 360 film production process means we can fully immerse the viewer in a way which complements your brand – resulting in a strong emotional attachment to your brand or product. We all know this is the key to marketing.

Thank you, Mike Jones, for sharing valuable inputs with readers.

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