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How YouTube MCN’s becoming Multi Influencer Platforms

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YouTube is the best platform for the video searching and watching. It has some millions of video content across the platform and it is almost an ocean of videos. Marketers and advertisers are also targeting their potential audience on Youtube. Most of the successful advertisers and marketers are came from the Youtube platform.

Youtube had enhanced the opportunities for interaction between the people and the brands. Thus, marketers are expanding their opportunity to reach the right audience.

There comes the influencer marketing. The way of approaching and conveying the brand message was changing time to time with the new trend.

What is Influencer video marketing?

• Influencer video marketing is nothing but marketing the promotional content by the people who have a good following and audience base.

• These people may be a bloggers, Vloggers or famous creators across the platforms and are termed as influencers in the present marketing ecosystem.

• Influencer video marketing targets the audience with Unboxing, reviews and uncovering the brands and their services along with the influencer daily routine.

• This can help the brands to reach their targeted audience base and unique customers for their services or products.

The seven Benefits of Influencer video marketing

• Brands can expand their reach and can build best audience base with ease.

• Increases the brand awareness in the people you target on a particular platform.

• It also improves the SEO rankings

• It helps you to grab good credibility with trust.

• Saves a lot of money and time.

• Very easy maintenance and will not rise your marketing and advertising budget.

• It can make your product in the center.

Youtube and Influencer marketing

We all know that Youtube is the main source for video content online. Brands and influencer marketers are targeting the Youtube platforms and the multi-channel networks on Youtube for their business and enhancing the influencers marketing.

Yes, there are many influencers on Youtube platform who have a greater number of subscriber base and good community on Youtube. The marketers have targeted those people who have good subscriber base across the platform.

This made Youtube as a destination for influencer marketers too.

How influencer marketing companies are targeting the Youtube MCNs?

• Generally, an influencer marketing company works with the brands for building the best media strategy through the online influencers across the social channels online.

• These companies work across the talent management and with other agencies and as well as with the network of Multi-Channel Networks on Youtube platforms.

• These influencer marketing companies are negotiating the prices and best remunerations with the network of influencers.

• They are not hindering the preferred contracts between the sponsoring brands and interested influencers who are highly passionate towards the work and who can deliver the results.

• Some of the top influencer marketing platforms like Mediakix; Fame Bit etc are providing the custom solutions to the brands in an innovative way.

• They are helping the brands to find the right influencer who can meet their strategic requirements in promoting or advertising their products or services.

• These agencies are dominated the MCN’s and are doing more efficiently than MCNs promised to do.

Is Influencer companies are dominating Youtube MCNs?

Youtube influencers started their rise in the audience and prominence of the influencer marketing on Youtube. The Youtube MCNs are started from the year 2010 with new ways of supporting and the distribution of the content to reach and serve the new audience across the platform.

Many MCN’s acquired by the top brands like Walt Disney acquired Makers studio etc. YouTube generally refers its MCNs as their main entities which are affiliated with the other YouTube channel.

Some of these companies are not affiliated or endorsed by the Google. With the growth of broadcasting networks, the advertisers are boosting their reach by connecting with the prominent or famous YouTuber who have good following and subscriber base across the Youtube platform.

Many large Youtube MCNs are looking for the tailored services. which connect the smaller channels and the creators to monetise the growth simultaneously by collaboration with the famous brands and going with the advertising campaigns on Youtube.

This made the suppression of the talent and limiting the YouTuber ability to do some small branding partnerships.

Brands are also looking towards the handpicked channels and the creators and exploring their new deals with them through the MCNs. These ways are not serving better and direct the interests of the advertisers.

MCNs are replaced by Multi influencer platforms

There is a great change in the marketing and advertising ecosystems especially on YouTube platform with the rise of influencer marketing ways online.

The influencer marketing companies and the advertisers are increased their interest towards working with the Youtubers than with the MCNs.

This is due to MCN’s are not treated as a relevant and the best means for the revenue and the advertising deals for Youtubers.

Even the connecting or signing with an MCN is very expensive or high cost for Youtube channels.

There will be some standard deals that include the MCN by cutting all the Ad sense revenue. The Youtubers are just left with the very few possibilities to get the advertisers sponsorships and kept hold by the MCNs.

MCNs generally add greater value to the advertisers but brands are looking for the measurable metrics to boost their sales which are not always possible with the MCNs.

So, advertisers and brands are approaching the influencer marketing platforms to get their targeted audience and important analytics which are measurable time to time and helps in improving their standards and reach.

So, Multi influencer platforms were going to replace the multi-channel networks on Youtube platform very soon. The domination was clearly seen in the choices made by the brands and other companies for their necessary promotions and advertising campaigns. Even influencers are voting these platforms as they can break the limitations kept on their talent and abilities.

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