10 Steps to Successfully Market Your YouTube Channel on Instagram

10 Steps to Successfully Market Your YouTube Channel on Instagram

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Everyone is much familiar with the use of Instagram in marketing their business. This is also occupied the top place in the social media to promote the products or services through video form. The advantage of publishing through Instagram can be used for marketing the YouTube channel.

Assigning similar name as YouTube:

The basic and significant thing to do is choosing the name of Instagram as YouTube channel name. Hence, the daily users of Instagram can quickly grasp your channel to visit frequently.

Use the Same Branding like your Channel:

To have the strong step in the marketing of a YouTube channel the branding takes initiation. To excel the name of your YouTube channel just use the same branding strategy as used for your channel.

Profile Picture:

The audience will be highly impacted by the vision of the profile. That means use the same profile picture that has adopted for YouTube. Profile Picture will strike in the minds of the users that this channel and Instagram are related.

Post more Often:

Don’t forget to post the videos regularly on the Instagram blog. Different people will like different videos.

Link your YouTube Channel URL in Bio:

To engage the channel through Instagram use Bio by linking the URL of the YouTube channel. This is the place where the users thoroughly visit. So if they click on that link then this directly switch to the YouTube channel.

Follow, Link, Comment on Relevant Audience posts:

After posting your video content just have a look at others posts by following them. If possible then give the links of others in your post then the others also prefer to give your links to their sites. links will attain the traffic from their posts also.

Don’t forget to give the comments on others post which helps to get back comments. comments will lead us to take better amendments.

Use more Hash Tags:

Keep giving more hashtags as much as you can. While users are searching for any topic and if this tag related to that then there may be a chance of visiting your channel.

Use Paid Advertising on Instagram:

Try to use paid advertisements on Instagram so that the users can get a trust by viewing the branded video ads. Only the reputed companies will go on for paid advertising.

Use Instagram Stories and Live for promoting your new videos:

The video stories and live streaming are the trending concepts in social media. By keeping that in mind just promote your new videos through Instagram videos and live. These will clutch the attention of users more than other streams.


These are the everlasting steps that could be helpful to market your YouTube channel through Instagram with unexpected traffic. If you are struggling in acquiring the marketing strategies to build up your YouTube channel just consider these ten succeeding tips that never let you look back.