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Exclusive Interview with Marc Van Steyvoort – Co-Founder at Fusehit

Marc Van Steyvoort

Exclusive Interview with Marc Van Steyvoort – Co-Founder and Head of Music, Entertainment, and Strategic Partnerships @ Fusehit

Tell me something about your company Fusehit ?

Fusehit is the next generation video-based music collaboration and entertainment platform

What are your significant products for Video Industry?

Our platform is our product, as we enable music experts and video experts to meet and create video channels about the artist and the lifetime of the song creation

What is the future of Music Video Content?

Collaboration amongst musical artists, video artists, and entertainers driven by the crowds

What to expect in the near future with respect to Digital Media?

  • Online consumption of digital Media goes mainstream
  • Premium will co-exist besides ad driven service
  • Crowd-created and moderated content will grow
  • Live and digital service will grow

Tell me something about Fusehit and your tools for Video Industry?

We provide the traditional encoding

What are Digital Media Trends in Germany and the Challenges?

The same as all over in Europe, driven by online consumptions, the rise of ad-funded video consumption, the increase of premium video services growing out of ad-driven services.

The Challenge is piracy, author rights, cross-border rights and several large global players that block the market for competitors, due to their global reach

How can a customer benefit use Fusehit?

Quality video entertainment, discovering new musical formats, participate in the unique entertainment eco-system by co-creating music entertainment.

And we are sourcing for the Fusehit pre-launch music and video production talent. Just contact us at [email protected]

Thank you “Marc Van Steyvoort” for your valuable inputs to our users.

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