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Make Social Videos using Apple’s new Clips App

Clips App

Do you have the best app that can screen video more than 60 seconds? If you didn’t find it, just wait for a couple of days. Apple was launching new video app called “Clips”. It looks like combination of both features Snapchat and iMovie.

Apple is fulfilling their ambition entering into Augmented reality world by introducing new Clips app. Apple Clips is not a social network. The features look like is a social network like Snapchat, Facebook Video and other social media sites.

Instead of installing other Video sharing apps on iPhone, Apple itself is planning to launch new video app “Clips”. Clips allow you to edit your stylized clips, make a short video with added effects like text overlay, Emoji’s, Filters, Graphics and to share with friends

Special Features Of Clips:

The app name itself sounds like Clips, makes you Fun with creating a video on expensive iPhones and iPad’s.

It allows people collect both the photos and videos, create a high quality video clips.

It has an Amazing feature “Live titles”, you can create your own animated titles with voice recognition.

The new effects, filters, comic books, live titles help give a new experience to the iPad and iPhones users and experience the easily shareable ways with a few taps.

Apple customers can now share a wide range of videos on Snapchat, facebook, YouTube and other social media websites. At the same time Clips videos can share on iMessages in iPhones.

Live Titles features record your voice while the app running taking videos and enhance you to give title in 36 languages through voice recognition.

It will lead you to the animation world with the features of Speech bubbles, shapes and animation posters.

Clips video can be up to an hour long, no clip is allowed to stay for more than 30 minutes. Immediately after finishing the video can share with any other social media networks.


Apple New Clips app is available in app store starting from April, downloads are available in iPhone 5’s, iPhone 6, iPad, iPad Air, all generation of iPad and iPod 6 th generation. Let’s be a weight watcher for Apple’s New app “Clips”.

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