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LyfieEye World’s Smallest 360 Video Camera for Android Phone


360-degree videos are trending across the web. From marketers to the common users are searching for the latest cameras on internet time to time. Especially for the 360-degree cam lovers, you can check the new small 360-degree camera for Android users is hitting the market. Here is the interesting detail about that small trendy 360 degrees LyfieEye camera.

Lyfie Eye is the worlds smallest camera to fix it for Android phones, just tapping on the smartphones it starts working. The smallest 360-degree camera captures 360-degree videos, photos and all stuff what a VR camera can do. It just cost $150.

LyfieEye Camera

Don’t step back to buy a new 360-degree camera due to expensive prices. Here comes the new one which is affordable for the users. The new LyfieEye Camera is the world’s first camera that came in an affordable way which is capable of recording the 360-degree video content on Android devices. The camera equipped with live preview options, recordings and sharing options along with the playback functionalities. The Camera is mainly aimed towards the proliferation of creation and consumption of content.

Lyfie for Selfie

The world was turned as Selfie party as people just fall in love with Selfie pictures everywhere. This camera is the best for Selfies. Users can capture the pictures. The camera is built to capture the moments in the best way to share them on Facebook and YouTube platforms instantly. The content just syncs flawlessly across different virtual reality headsets, and there is no technical complaint during the sync of images and videos to share them to the social media platforms.

The camera was built-in with the immersive technology along with the content creation which can satisfy the users to set out a new design to create the product. The camera comes up with dual lens which can capture the 180-degree videos simultaneously and combine the two 180 degree videos in real time.

It is compatible with the Android OS 5.0 and higher with 30 fps recording capability. It also supports the gyro and other cardboard mode type of views in Virtual Reality. It easily fits in the pocket Ad also supports the USB 2.0 to 3.0 interfaces. It automatically stitches the video and supports the multiple lengths.

Therefore, the LyfieEye camera is one of the best and affordable 360-degree cameras for Android users.


The 360-degree Cameras are trending and using in all type of videos and even in movies also. we are giving you guidelines about world’s smallest 360-degree video Camera LyfieEye for Android Phones.


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