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It’s quite natural to write blog posts for content marketing to promote your brands. For a change convert those already written blog posts into short videos just in 10-15 minutes of work. Instead of blog post promote a short video in popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with the same content.

Lumen 5 is a modest and unembellished video creation platform that will automatically convert your content into social videos using Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence offering world’s simplest video creation experience to content marketers.

Lumen 5 is designed for businesses and brands to engage the audience with powerful short videos. You don’t need to spend more money for video productions to create a professional video for business. Lumen 5 can create simple high-quality videos at less cost and time.

How To Convert Your Content Into Social Videos

This amazing tool works pretty well especially for Facebook videos, if you share these short video on facebook it will reach business growth.

To work in this environment it is a simple process that you need to Sign Up for Lumen 5 first, which needs your Full Name, username, and password.

Next, to start work with this it will ask for to enter “Link “of a blog post or an article or a content in which an Artificial Intelligence will automatically convert your blog post or a content into a short video.

Then the link will automatically upload the content and place onto the board and allows the user to select the content that should feature in the video.

Once if you are summarized with the content that should appear in the video, you can drag and drop the media files from “Library”, background images, your logo, watermark and you have an option for including call-to-action button.

There is an option for highlighting the selected Keywords click on “A” icon if you found long sentences just break down into smaller once even a common man can read and analyze easily.

Once if you are completed with editing works on the video, click on the “Save” button on the top right corner of your screen.

If you like to make your video more colorful highlight with background music, select the “Music” option on left side of your screen add suitable music from a stack of music library to the video.

Once if you’re satisfied with editing your video just click on “Publish” to publish on blogs and social media sites wherever you want.

There is a stage where you could add branding as a Watermark to be recognized by the people, these all process will be finished within 10-15 minutes or it may take less time depending on the user’s efficiency on working with this platform.

How Lumen 5 helpful for Content Marketing:

Lumen 5 offers unbelievable graphics, asset selection, videos, templates based on the content.These factors are very important in content marketing.

You could go creative as a professional productions but there are some limits in this software. You can download it on Laptops, PCs and mobile phones.

Lumen 5 is a useful tool for all businesses and content marketers to lead the digital world with the video marketing.

It gives full functionality where you can find all fields and editing options that every video editing and creating software can provide.

It’s free of cost now, so every small scale business people can use it for promoting their business and convert their content to powerful videos.

Video adds leading this business world, so you can easily convert your already stacked blog posts into short videos to promote on blogs.


Lumen 5 allows marketers and businesses to create high-quality scale videos in a short time with free of cost. Those who are waiting to create powerful high-quality videos for business using artificial intelligence or a machine language best go for lumen 5 video creation platform.

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