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Lucas Plunkett: Founder & CEO of Full Frame Productions – Interview

Full Frame Productions

An Exclusive Interview with Lucas Plunkett – Founder & CEO of Full Frame Productions a leading video production company in Sydney. To know about full Frame Productions we have listed some conversation related to video marketing industry.

Tell us something about your Company Full Frame productions?

Full Frame Productions is a video production company in Sydney Australia. We make videos of all types for businesses of all types.

We make corporate videos from animation videos to testimonials, to product showcase videos. More detail on each of these videos on our homepage –

What will be Video Industry and Documentaries Trends in the future?

Video is becoming about capturing the attention immediately. People don’t want to sit down and watch a long video. It’s all about being modern, fresh and engaging.

People are getting wise to when they are being sold to and consumers don’t like this. It’s very important for a video production company like ourselves to make videos that tell rather than sell.

Although videos are often used by businesses to sell products, the videos primary purpose is not to sell, it’s to educate, help and entertain.

What are Full Frame productions Success Model?

Repeat business from existing clients. Making videos people are happy with!

Tell us something about your Full Frame productions process with respect to Video Industry?

All of our workers work from home so we don’t need an office. This economical decision means we can invest more money into our equipment and therefore offer a higher quality of product to customers.

In this modern day and age with the advent of the internet, it’s very easy for people to be working remotely and we take advantage of this to benefit our customers.

How can Upcoming benefit by using Full Frame productions and Videos?

Who is upcoming? Some information on our website about the benefits of video.

To know more about Full Frame Productions visit .

Thank you Lucas Plunkett for sharing your valuable inputs with Reelnreel readers.

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