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Local Video SEO: How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos To Rank Higher In Google Localized Results

Local Video SEO

We know that everything runs on video especially by using the mainstream like YouTube. The life of a video will be given by YouTube after its establishment. Well, but how the YouTube is getting search results?

The YouTube is getting a searching feed from the world’s number one search engine Google.

We can find a lot of search results of a particular topic for example if we type “London new year fireworks video” then you can observe millions of search results on Google.

Then the audience might pick up the top positioned or first page videos. If you belong that area and being in the last position means there will be zero counts of views for your YouTube video.

How to eradicate this problem? Here are the best local video optimization strategies that help your YouTube video to get a higher ranking.

Use Localized Keywords for your Video:

Try to establish the mostly used local keywords when you create the video. That means if you belong to London then give the preference to local famous attributes like mention the keyword London for the every video you upload.

Example London universities, London attractions ………………………….

Create Geo-Targeted Videos:

Here you need to focus on the creation of videos basing on a universal search that means there are certain types of frequently searched videos like music, sports, universities and Insurance etc. This will lead unexpected traffic to your YouTube video.

Use Localized Keyword Rich Titles:

When you make a video then it should have the titles that must eye-catch immediately.

The keywords should be merged with titles that relevant to local search which shows a great impact on your video.

If you make a video about the hotel in London then give the titles of ‘Great London hotels, Best hotels in London and budget hotels in London.

Here the keyword ‘hotel’ is associated with the local searchable word London and that two combinations must arrive in the title. This will enrich your title to clutch huge traffic.

Create a Localized Meta Description for your Video:

The description for the video is very significant which is going to be viewed by the user in the search engine.

This will specify that what the video contains and this should be localized format.

We all know that how famous the ‘London Eye’ is and if you generate about that then mention nearby famed places like river Thames and Tower Bridge as the clubbing words of your description.

Create Localized Custom Thumbnails using Popular Places:

To boost up your local search then you must use the effective thumbnails of your local popular places. This makes visitor enthusiastic to know what’s new about that.

The view of Tower Bridge looks amazing at the night time and everyone will love to look at that without skipping.

Share your Video on Local Portals and Local Listing like Google My Business:

When you have made all those changes then share that video on local portals and local listings like Google my Business as they are commonly searched and used by the local participants.

This in return gives huge sharing activity to other locations as well.

Use Local Link Building for your Video:

Give as many as links that are possible in your content that drives the audience to revise all stuff you have and this keeps audience to be at your video for a long time.

Try to give other local competitors links so that will in return build up your video link at their stuff.


These are best techniques for a YouTube video to be in the top position of Google localized results which improves your search ranking in the search engine. To experience those results just make use of applying to your YouTube video.

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