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How to Live Stream to Single Stream into Multiple Facebook Pages

How to Livestream to Single Stream into Multiple Facebook Pages

One of the latest additions to Facebook services is the live streaming. Live streaming is broadcasting live video content using computer or camera by a customer through the internet which can be seen by viewers on their smartphones, tablets or desktops. Everything about Live Stream to Single Stream into Multiple Facebook Pages is explained here.

Facebook has been proving itself as one of the leading platforms offering a variety of services to users and its latest offer of live streaming will definitely come as handy for marketers to promote their products/services.

Coming to live streaming on FB, there are certain requirements (which are as follows) as prescribed by FB:

• Own a page on FB.

• Need to have a certain number of likes.

• Limitations for video resolution (720p at 30 fps). 90 minute max length/

• Set your desired bit rate.

• Check all other settings (audio especially).

• Preview the content

• Enter a Post message, give the video a title, add tags

• Start streaming in your software.

• If all the above steps are perfectly performed, you can “Go Live”.

Coming to live stream to multiple Facebook Pages, the marketer needs to take help/assistance of certain software.  Zapier is one such software that will help the marketer manage multiple FB pages.  This software enables the marketer post and updates the content on the single page and the same is copies to other pages without any extra work.

The methodology of Zapier is very simple: create a new post on one of your FB pages and Zapier will copy the post & share it on your other FB pages and for this all you need is a Zapier account & multiple FB pages.

As the marketer wants to multiply his marketing mix efforts to gain maximum contribution for achieving his goal, he needs to ensure that he is able to manage multiple FB pages and is able to manage all the same at the single time.

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