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Top 10 Live Video Streaming Apps for Mobile


Mobile phones are now everywhere. We can see people looking at their mobile phone screens and tapping away them. People are using their mobile phones to live stream the events. There is no need to have a camcorder with us to live telecast something that we see. Mobile apps are available for everything and there are also apps for live video streaming.

It is said that the number of smartphone users will increase to 6.1 billion in the world in the coming two to three years. That means seventy percent of the human population will use the smartphones. There are live video streaming apps available for free also.

1. Hang W/, apart from Video live streaming, this is best platfrom of social media network. Some customized features are Video sharing, Video live streaming, broadcast chat controls, privacy and video broadcasting.

2. is another live video mobile app and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. Periscope is a very popular live video streaming app which is easy to use. Video streams can be recorded and replayed later.

4. Bambuser is a relatively older app for live video.

5. Livestream is another live video broadcast app and a premium membership is needed to create professional broadcasting streams.

6. Facebook Live allows broadcasting live video directly from the mobile app. Schedule your live videos so that your audience can join.

7. Instagram is another popular app for mobile live video. There is no way the live videos can be replayed after the stream.

8. Kanvas is another popular live streaming app for mobile and offers visual effects, stickers, drawing tools etc.

9. YouNow is another app using which the live video can be shared on any social network

10. Streamago is the choice for those that allow going live with only a few friends. The streams can be shared on various social networks.

Live streaming video on the mobile phone is the biggest trend now. With high-speed internet and mobile phones with HD cameras available easily, this is the better time to broadcast live streaming to the world.

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