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Live Video Ad Insertion and Stream Management – The Next Big Thing



Live Video Ad Insertion

The amount of live video online is expanding and it is important for the broadcasters to monetize the video content. Ad insertion in the live video is going to be the next big thing. Live video ad insertions offer the benefit of reaching the targeted audience. The better viewing experience is sure to increase the engagement of viewers. The insertion of ads will help the broadcaster to earn higher revenues. It is important for the broadcasters to check how the live video is reaching the consumers that are on what device, the consumers are watching the video. Live video ad insertion is going to play the major role in coming days and is sure to offer better viewer experience and better targeting for broadcasters.

Live Video Ad Insertion

Ad insertion in live video works just like ads for on-demand videos. The type of ad format recommended for live video ads is the pre-roll or post-roll ads. Overlays can insert as mid-rolls in live video. There is no fixed duration for the live stream, and the timing of events and the ad insertion points are defined based on the viewer experience. Here are few examples of ad delivery for live streams.

A live event can have a time-based policy for ad insertion. A viewer can be shown an ad in the first fifteen minutes if the time policy is to show one ad for every five minutes. For the audience who join the live stream well is shown the pre-roll ads. The viewers who lost contact with a live stream can see a post-roll ad.

Live Video Stream Measurement

In online video performance every second matters. Loading time is important for both the websites and the online videos as well. Loading time can reduce revenues, and the online streaming can lose the audience. It is thus essential to measure the performance of the live video stream. Consumers prefer a live video that loads fast and is of high video quality. Here are few metrics that help to measure the performance of live video.

Check the bit rate to understand the quality of video the audience is receiving. The bit rate average should be higher which means that the quality of the image is high. Buffer fill is another crucial metric, and this shows how long the audience has to wait before the video starts playing. If the loading takes longer time, the audience may just leave it. Sometimes there can be lags in the live video. The lag length should not be greater than the initial buffer fill. If Buffer is longer, that means audience experiencing interruptions in streaming.

The amount of data streamed out of data centre is another important metric this helps to estimate overall demand for the data. Calculate the Lag Ratio, another crucial metric to measure live video performance with waiting time and watching time.

Live Video Advertising Trends

Live video has become very popular as it is effectively being used by the businesses to build their brands. This is now a battleground for social media platforms. With Facebook Live and YouTube live entering the fold of live video, marketers are shifting their investment from television and are opting for digital video advertising. According to latest studies, one-fifth of the marketers are planning to invest in live stream video ads in the coming days.

Facebook is already testing the mid-roll video ads in live video broadcasts. These are said to appear every five minutes into a broadcast and will last for a maximum of fifteen seconds. It still tested, and it cannot guarantee how many viewers will watch them. But the experiment is making many marketers excitingly looking for the results.

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