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Top 10 Live TV Addons For Kodi

Live TV Addons

Kodi is an open source home theater software which allows you to stream media from different sources. It is free and offers to stream entertainment channels, movies, music, videos and sports through Kodi Software. We have a vast collection Kodi add-ons to stream big screens like TV with various Kodi add-ons. In the same way, Kodi streams Live TV, and there are some Kodi Live TV Addons available in the market. Here, we have compiled the Top 10 Live TV Addons for Kodi.

Top 10 Live TV Addons For Kodi

cCloude TV:

cCloude TV is one of the best and must have Live TV kodi Addons watch Live TV. This addon can incorporate thousands of channels in one addon. The clouds addon can mostly have UK, US, Indian, Middle East channels and international channels to stream Live TV. It easy to use but all channels are not in an organised manner you will be confused while choosing the favourite channel.


Vdubt 25 is a location based Live TV Kodi addon. You can watch hottest and trendy content from USA sports, Canada Sports & Live TV, UK, Ireland and Russia Live TV services. If you watch some special TV shows it suits for watching HD content.


Castaway is since long time working on Live TV add-on button, it’s old, but still, it works under the Live TV streaming addon. Its primary function is not working now. You can find a list of streamable live content, it serves as different websites works under Live TV services. It consists of “” link which can stream a large number of US and international channels.


USTV now is a subscription-based Live TV Kodi addon who are habituated to watch US-based TV channels. You will get up to 7 free channel like ABC, FOX, CW, NBC, My TV, CBF and PBF only with sign up with USTV Now addon. If you would like to watch some extra channels monthly, subscription charge may apply. You will get freedom from illegal live streaming by adding this USTV Now addon.

Sports Devil:

The SportsDevil add-on, especially for the sports channel, Live streaming, but you will see one section labelled as “Live TV”. It was some listed websites under this streaming Live TV same as Castaway addon. Especially was listed for fulfilling the needs of Live TV streaming and other services as well.

BBC iPlayer:

BBC iPlayer addon access all content from BBC Live TV and on-demand channel services. BBC streams their TV content with high quality and easy to access using this addon. Hence it is organised for only BBC live TV services there are no issues related to buffering or low-quality video streaming. People from UK resident they need to have the subscription to access but people from outside countries are restricted while they use a VPN only can access.


Phoenix is another Live TV streaming kodi addon which allows all international channels to enjoy. Here one useful tip for the users of Phoenix addon, if you get No stream Available while watching, just update the Phoenix addon and you will get the Live TV with this Kodi. On the list, if you go to the Cassandra 88 you will get a number of international channels to enjoy.

Goodfellow 2.0:

Goodfellow 2.0 is one of the best options for choosing Live TV Kodi addon, the updated version created few waves in Kodi community. This Kodi addon was publicly available for streaming webcam content, movies, TV shows and live stream on international space stations. It gives smooth and clear-cut picture of US-based channel Animal Planet, ABC, Disney, ESPN, and Discovery strongly recommended an add-on for Live TV streaming.


Exodus is one of the multi scalping movie related Kodi addon. Many advantages of using this addon it scrapes the variety of links from different sources supports trakt integration, does not support library integration. It has updated version of Genesis, and here you can download the movies for offline usage and works very well.


This addon has a large content from different add-ons provides plenty of choices for enjoying the Kodi services. It provides Freeview of UK content which requires VPN network. Quantum has excellent content from all legalised channels less stuff from unauthorised channels. It provides Fidi Live, Ultra Live from Canada, most of the content from UK and US channels.


People those who know about the Kodi Addons for streaming the Live TV they may be confused to choose the best Live TV Addons to watch Live TV. here we have listed the Top 10 Live TV Addons to watch Live TV and enjoy the Kodi services.

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