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How to Live Stream Successfully: A Preparation Checklist for Marketers

Live Stream

Live Streaming is one of the quickest, fastest, and easiest path to your business success. Live video  is more appealing to online audiences, and over 80% of people rather than reading blogs prefer to watch live video. Before we start to Live, make sure to be prepared with requirements gathering and planning to get quality Live broadcasting. Being in a Live streaming profession, be confident with this Preparation Checklist for successful Live Streaming.

Live Stream Preparation Checklist for Marketers

Planning is the foremost thing for Live Streaming.

Twitter is the best casual audience rapport.

Choose your Niche platform.

The right platform gives a better result.

YouTube Live is one of the best tools for content repurposing.

Mix and Match the Content

Go behind-the-scenes for creating pique curiosity.

Choose your best equipment for Live Streaming.

Choose Webinar content for Live streaming.

Computers offer the best high-quality streams and detailed streaming.

Go for Facebook and YouTube Live streams simultaneously.

Optimization for mobile devices

Promote your Live stream before

Get the high-quality Mic for limiting noise.

Choose the best topics like Kohl’s, Nestle, etc.

Train your audience for smooth Live broadcasting

Include Influencers for Live event promotion

Host the Q & A session for increasing engagement

Prepare content and practice well before starting Live.

Host the Live interviews for better engagement

Use Microsoft Tools for Live streaming.

Live stream Ninja games

Your mobile devices must install with proper apps.

Show your products on Live Stream.

Offer Apple product reviews in Live.

Do a dry run to know streaming Quality.

Your computers must get ready with Encoder software.

Choose the best Live Streaming platforms.

Be prepared with Software and Equipment in advance.

Live Stream Brands news and messages

Dedicate to the content what you stream

Facebook Live offers excellent exposure.

Request the Guest speakers to organize live

Make sure to offers a good Internet Connection and Audio quality.

Get connected with social media for monitoring.

Broadcasts content can be repurposed.

Product releases and product promotions can Live Stream.

Decide first what you would like to stream.

Plan Live streaming in filming locations

Share live events for extra exposure.


The biggest take-away in Live streaming is planning that can make live stream perfect. A pre-planned live video can increase your brand awareness and propel your stardom. We are sure that all the Checklist, as mentioned above, will come in handy and make you learn and discover the main steps you must follow before starting Live.

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