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Live OTT Video Opportunities and Market Trends [Study]

Live OTT Video

OTT (the sweet and short name of over the top content) is gaining popularity day by day. What is OTT–it is broadcasting the content through some media preferably ISP. The unique point of OTT is that the ISP operator is not aware of the content nor he can control the broadcasting or the viewers. Here, in OTT, the marketer has a clear upper hand that he can deliver his intended content to his intended audience. The most significant trends of Live OTT Video are specified here.

The latest development in OTT is live OTT. Live OTT is live streaming of the content via OTT route. Despite the fact that it is the latest development in OTT field, 88% of the experts surveyed agreed that OTT service is a viable revenue opportunity. OTT service is quite attractive that even nontraditional web media platforms are venturing into space for delivering highly rated events.

One of the trends in live OTT is sports. The proven fact is that the viewers wanted to watch their favorite sporting event without any interruptions. As a premium member of OTT, the viewer is offered the streaming with the highest quality.

As per the various surveys, the OTT is driving the video streaming market and is expected to show exponential growth in times to come. OTT services are finding increased usage across various devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones as well. It is this popularity that many platforms like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, WeChat etc. are lining up to offer OTT services.

OTT is the natural winner going to be amongst the video streaming platforms, and the marketers need to take maximum advantage of this and promote his goods/products and also the image/goodwill of his company.

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