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LEMONLIGHT CEO Hope Horner – Exclusive Interview

Hope Horner

LEMONLIGHT CEO Hope Horner Exclusive Interview, Hope Horner explained a few Success strategies of LEMONLIGHT in the maintenance of best quality and growth

Tell us something about your Company LEMONLIGHT?

Lemonlight produces and distributes high quality branded video content at scale. We’ve produced more than 3000 videos in the last two years.

What are the Video Production and Distribution services of LEMONLIGHT?

Digital Commercials
Brand Videos
Social Media Videos
Animated Videos
PreRoll & Social Media Advertising

Tell us about your LEMONLIGHT Services?

Lemonlight specializes in digital advertising for videos. We specialize in hyper-targeted social media and preroll advertising for small and medium sized businesses. Unlike most advertising agencies, we offer affordable rates, which allows businesses of all sizes to harness the power of video.

What are the new LEMONLIGHT services implemented in future?

We are hyper focused on developing a self service platform that streamlines the video production and distribution process for our clients. This product would also be highly effective for our agency partners.

What is the LEMONLIGHT Success Model?

High Quality + Affordable Video Content

Tell us something about your LEMONLIGHT process with respect to Video Industry?

Our process is unique because we’ve simplified the video production process, which makes it easy and enjoyable for our clients.

How can Upcoming benefit by using LEMONLIGHT Distribution Services?

Effectively and efficiently reach more customers with the power of video marketing.

What are the unique features in LEMONLIGHT media?

Lemonlight delivers high quality video production services at an affordable cost allowing small to medium size businesses to benefit from the most powerful form of advertising.

Thank you “Hope Horner” for sharing your valuable inputs with ReelnReel readers.

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