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Lead Generation for Business using Live Video

Lead Generation

Video content proved to be very popular with advertisers and marketers. It is an important component for business marketing. With the usage of social media increasing the way video content is delivered and consumed is completely changed. Live streaming video is also on the rise and it is just not limited to be used by journalists or individuals. It has become a very powerful tool for advertisers for businesses of all sizes.

Live Video Streaming

Video live streaming is transmitting the live footage over the internet where the active audience will access it. Social sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook expanded the reach of live video by introducing the streaming feature and it is now easier to live stream even with a smartphone.

When the live video is broadcasted, the viewers can interact with the brands directly. It is also possible to share the recorded live video afterward. Live videos are attractive because of the fact that the audience can directly interact with the people behind the products and services. All the followers will get a notification when the live video starts and interested people can join the live stream.

Live Video for Lead Generation

Live video can be used to tease new product launches, provide information that the audience wants, make an announcement about upcoming events in the company etc. During the live streaming, the brands can ask the viewers to sign up to get more information. Because of the exclusivity element, people will act immediately and this help in increasing the leads.

Generating leads with live video streaming is a challenge. Live streaming helps acquire the trust of the prospects.

How to use the live streaming to increase leads?

Live streaming should be of something interesting to the audience. Live stream, as it proved, is a powerful tool for lead generation and business promotion but at the same time, right content is needed to get the attention of the prospects. Keep the branding consistent. Think about the goal of the live streaming. It could be sending the audience to the landing page, asking them to sign up for the website or the sales site or sending them to another video that provides more information about the topic.

The benefit of live streaming is to build community. People will comment on the live stream and can interact in real time. It strengthens the relationship between the brand and the follower. If the community is strong, it helps for the lead generation. Potential leads can get the review of the product or service from the previous customer and can be encouraged to make a purchase.

Ways to use Live Video for Lead Generation

• Bring the events such as exhibitions, trade shows or conferences to the prospects.

• Behind the scenes, live videos is another effective strategy to personalize the brand. Live video can be used to stream the interview with employees of the company or interviews of the satisfied customers. These interviews establish a relationship between the employees and the potential prospects.

• Another way in which live video streaming can be used is to hosting live training classes. This also helps in lead generation.

The real challenge of getting the full benefits with live video is to make a large number of audience to tune in during the live feed. Tease on social media and other such paces about the live feed. Email newsletter also helps a lot in sending the information to the followers. Live video streaming thus can help in attracting and nurturing the leads and so is used as an important part of digital marketing strategy.

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