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Fun YouTube Channel by Lane Fournerat – Interview

Fun YouTube Channel By Lane Fournerat – Interview

Tell me about yourself and your channel?

I have been interested in the video since 2002 when my friend gave me some editing software to try out. He also told me that the future of video is online and in short form. I created my first channel in 2006 to host some short films that I created in college, but it wasn’t until 2008 that I got in the game with my LaneVids channel. Then 2009 rolled around, and I discovered daily vlogging, and I’ve been doing that ever since on TheFunnyrats. Says Lane Fournerat.

I have a true passion for daily vlogging, and my wife and I have a goal of growing our audience large enough so that we can sell everything we own (including our house), buying an Airstream Travel Trailer and hitting the road with our two kids daily vlogging the entire journey!

How did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

I was looking for an outlet online to post my college short films, and I came across YouTube. I didn’t know much about it until 2007 when I found people like iJustine, Rhett & Link, and sXePhil. Once I saw what was happening, I jumped all in with my channels.

How did your family react to your decision to start a YouTube channel?

My wife hated daily vlogging at first. She did not want to be a part of the videos, but now she has come to enjoy it and is embracing the community that we are creating around our videos. My mom loves to watch our videos and will make appearances in them when we visit her. All in all, it’s been pretty confident.

Where do you get ideas for your YouTube Channel?

I think of something fun that I want to do, and I do it. I just happen to have a camera on me when I’m doing fun things, and that’s where my ideas come from.

How do you deal with negative comments on your channel?

I ignore them. It’s the best thing to do. If it is very offensive, I’ll delete the comment, and if the commenter keeps it up, I’ll block them. Simple strategy, yet effective. I don’t want to let them know that they are trying to get under my skin because that will keep them coming back to try to make you mad.

Difference between your Channel and other YouTube similar channels?

Everyone’s life experiences are different, and that is why people find daily vlogs so entertaining. I watch a lot of vlogs, and I’m always fascinated with how other people do things in their lives. We all have our personalities, and some people will gravitate to certain people, so it’s great to have so much to choose from.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about starting a YouTube channel?

Just start. Everyone’s first video SUCKS. You have to go through the stages of suck before you can grow. I’m also a hands-on, DIY, tactical type of guy, so that is probably why I will always advise “just start.” If you don’t like it, you can always delete it.

What is your favorite Video made by you?

Well since I’m a daily vlogger, I would have to say that the birth of my kids are awesome videos. Here’s a link to the playlist of both of them:

Although I will day that my style of vlogging has changed slightly, and I’m really liking my most recent stuff.

What’s your most popular video about fun-loving, family?

My most popular video on my channel is when I went to visit a theme park / water park in my home state of Louisiana:

with over 2,100 videos, it’s hard to find the best video about the family.

What is your promotional strategy and future plans?

I am always looking to promote, and the best way is through collaborations, so I’ve been trying to line up a lot more of those. Also, I’ve been very active in building a community and engaging with my viewers. That’s the biggest thing that a lot of people don’t get about YouTube is the community that you can build around your content.

plans for us are to grow large enough so that we can pursue our full-time living and traveling in an Airstream Travel Trailer with our two kids while making videos!

Lane Fournerat

Watch my latest YouTube Video:

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