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The Ultimate Guide to Kolor Eyes 360° HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player

360 degree video is the trend and most of the social websites are now allowing sharing of 360 degree videos and live streaming. There is a number of 3D 360 degree video players available online for playing these videos. Kolor Eyes 360 Degree HTML video player is one among them.

This is a HTML 360 degree video player. WebGL technology is the base for this video player which is made by KOLOR. The user can zoom in, zoom out turn around the virtual reality video they are watching. Projection modes available are six. Animation can be added to the video while it is playing. Kolor Eyes also allows the user to tune camera settings. Kolor is a leader in image stitching and 360-degree video solutions in the world.

Kolor Eyes 360° HTML5 Video player

This is a 360 degree player which can be used for free. The user can play and interact with the videos in 360 degrees on his PC. Connect the VR headset with iOS or Android device and watch movies online, apart from watching the virtual reality movies. Kolor Eyes 360° HTML5 Video player is compatible with Windows, Mach, iOS and Android device. The 360-degree videos can zoom in and out, and visual effects can be applied with Kolar eyes.

Kolor Eyes 360° Live Streaming

Kolar announced 360 degree live streaming in the year 2014. The Autopano technology of Kolor allows real-time stitching of the video streams. Multiple video streams captured and the final video live broadcasted through Kolor eyes player. Audience can interact with the video through smartphones, televisions, computers, tablets and other devices.

Kolor Eyes 360° Advantages and Feature

Color Eyes is designed for watching virtual reality videos. This displays various 3D modes. Color Eyes 360 degrees can download from the website of the developer. The player supports up to an 8K resolution of 360-degree videos. The user can rotate the screen using the mouse on the video. The cursor can be moved in any direction so that the display angle changed. Another interesting feature of this video display is that the video which is playing can be zoomed in and out with the mouse.

Volume control and an option of a full screen being common features in the Kolar Eyes video player, five different modes. It also supports Oculus Rift which means the user can take advantage of VR technology to watch the videos. This video player also supports Leap Motion Controllers. This is based on Kolar eyes natives SDK and runs on iPads since the second generation. It required iOS 6 or higher versions. The supported formats of videos are MP4, MOV, MR4 etc.

The free native app of Kolar’s eyes can be downloaded for playing the 360-degree videos on Android and iOS mobile devices. Even on older generation phones, the videos play smoothly. It is easy to play 360 videos smoothly on Android app of Kolor eye. All the user has to do is to tap the start button. Both iOS and Android apps offer side by side VR viewing mode. A recall of the important features of Kolor Eye 360 degree video player –

• Little planet, mirror ball, standard and rectilinear projection modes

• Eight image effects

• 360 degree interactivity

• pixel precise projection

• gyroscope support

Kolor Eyes comes with incredible features. The video player for iOS, Android, HTML5, Mac and Windows. Exclusive content can b streamed by putting the phone into head mount display. Users can access their account to download or stream videos using Kolor Eyes.

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