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Kids Music Videos in Virtual Reality – The Next Big Thing

Kids Music Videos in Virtual Reality

The importance of virtual reality in growing in the music industry. More and more music video creators are discovering the power of virtual reality and making videos, especially for kids. Virtual reality is widely available now than before. The world of kids is full of fantasy creatures. Their worlds revolve around their beloved celebrity. Creating music videos in virtual reality with the favourite celebrity of the kids to engage the children seems to be the trend now.

Kids Music Videos in Virtual Reality

In recent times we have seen that music videos created for kids in virtual reality technology. Recently OneRepublic released a Kids music video shot with this technology. This music is now available for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. It can also be watched on YouTube 360 and Facebook 360.

The rise of virtual reality can spell a rebirth for kids music videos. The music artists now have many ways to use the virtual reality technology for storytelling. Virtual reality in kids music video allows controlling the field of vision from perspectives never before seen. Music artists are now embracing VR technology slowly. The trend of making kids music videos in virtual reality is here to stay. The music artists are going to make the kids feel like they are with the singer writing the lyrics, scoring the music and so on. This type of content is going to engage the kids to like never before.

360 Degree Videos for Kids

360-degree videos for kids are made with the omnidirectional camera to capture the images from behind, above and below. The videos are viewed on desktop screens and can be controlled by the normal mouse. Google Cardboard is another device that can be used to view the videos, and the user can physically control the view by turning the head left, right or look up. The integration of 360-degree videos in education helps the students to learn things easily.

Kid friendly VR apps are also now available, and the best is the Google’s expeditions which are a free app. Jurassic Land which is also free but with in-app purchases, Lamper cardboard: First flight which is also free and Froggy VR that comes with in-app purchases.

Kids Virtual Reality Video Products

Major manufacturers of VR products are setting age limits. Oculus Rift and Gear VR headsets require the user to be above thirteen years of age. Children aged twelve years cannot use the Sony’s PlayStation VR. There are other kid-friendly VR products available in the market.

• Google Cardboard VR Glasses can be chosen to be used by kids for experiencing Virtual Technology. However, these should be used by the children only under the supervision of adults.

• Brand marketers are taking an opportunity of VR to target the kids in their marketing strategies. Mc Donalds Sweden offered to make Happy Meal Boxed into VR viewers.

• Coca-cola turned packaging for 12 packs of soda into VR headset.

• Mattle View-Master Toy was being turned into VR headset in partnership with Google.

With virtual reality and 360 videos getting popular, the VR headsets are on the wish list of the kids, and many get doubt whether these are safe to be used by the kids. There is not enough data to determine whether VR technology is good for the children or not. There is the need for more research on effects of virtual reality on children. Some scientists say that prolonged exposure to VR devices might damage the brain development and can also lead to eyestrain. There is no proof that VR is unsafe for children but one of the biggest concerns is the impact of this technology on eyes of kids.

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