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Kick starting as YouTube Vlogger – The Journey, Challenges and Expectations

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To start the journey as a YouTube vlogger, one need to have a good planning, practicing and marketing strategies. YouTube channel maintaining is profitable and is also enjoyable if done properly. Before starting, ask yourself why you want to start Vlogging. Is it going to be your career and how much time you can spend on this? If this is just a hobby, there is no need to set any goals.

Choose a niche in which you want to create videos and publish on the YouTube channel. Identify the viewers for your niche. The next step is to give a perfect name for the YouTube channel. The name should be unique and should tell about the niche. Create quality content. Also, concentrate on the quality of the audio. Edit the videos to make them more appealing. You can add some images in the video.

Vlogging is very popular and some Vlogger is even getting celebrity status. However, there are some challenges in being a YouTube Vlogger.

• Creating a quality content is one of the big challenges and is important to draw an audience.

• There is a lot of competition among vlogger on YouTube. There are many bloggers, and it is not easy to get a loyal audience. The low viewing figures may disappoint the vloggers, and they may decide to stop vlogging.

• Creating videos are time-consuming.

• Responding to all positive and negative comments received on the videos is a big challenge.

Audiences have some expectations when they visit a YouTube channel. YouTube vlogger must have own style. Do not just copy others. Do not deviate from the regular schedule. If you are not going to publish new content on schedule time, inform the subscribers in advance. Accept criticism. Deal with negative comments carefully. Make the videos humorous so that people will enjoy them.

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