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Key Trends in Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile advertising is the most popular and quickly growing advertising platform. The percentage of people watching video content is keeping on increasing and is expected to increase further in future. The mobile platform is a huge marketplace and incorporating this into your advertising strategy means a lot of benefits for your business.

Businesses having websites and blogs should see that these are mobile friendly, but the mobile marketing strategies should not end there. Smartphones are becoming the number one devices on which the users access the internet, and instead of making the content you already have to fit mobiles, you should create cross-platform content especially for mobiles.

Virtual Reality is the latest inexpensive technology that is going to drive the mobile advertisers to experiment. Mobile advertising supply platforms such as Facebook are going to attract more and more advertisers, and the CPM prices are likely to be stabilised.

The companies that are already investing in mobile marketing say around 25 percent of digital revenue is from mobile video ads and this is likely to increase further in the coming days. Those who want to get into mobile advertising should learn from these successful brands and plan their mobile ad strategy.

Mobile video ads not only help in increasing brand awareness but also good for retail brands to increase sales. Deliver the crucial message in the first five seconds of the video, and it will reach the audience right in the beginning.

Mobile advertisements that use Beacon signals are found to be more effective. Native ads are also fascinating and can be beneficial on Facebook, Instagram etc. Users will be able to recollect the brands easily with native advertising. Interactive ads are going to be used more and more in mobile advertising and these help in engaging the users. Mobile chats are also going to be very popular and these help the customers directly connect to the brands.

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