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Top 10 Best iPhone Camera Lenses

iPhone camera Lenses

Smartphones offered with best cameras, and this changed the way the users share and take pictures. These cameras usually have fixed focal length, and this is not suitable for every subject we want to make images. iPhones have the best cameras, but this problem is there for them too. Here are the top 10 best accessories are available for iPhone camera Lenses

Top 10 iPhone camera Lenses


Oloclip is one of the popular brands for iPhone lenses. It releases a new lens kit for every new model of iPhone.



ZTYLUS 4 in 1 revolving lens kit make it easy to change the lens and also allows switching between lenses. This comes equipped with a sturdy metal phone case to take care of your precious iPhone.



Exolens with optics by Zeiss provides best image quality. This includes a wide angle lens, bracket and protective aluminum lens hood.

Hitcase Snap

Hitcase Snap comes along with an iPhone case, TrueLux wide lens, selfie stick and tripod mount. All this for a very reasonable price.


Aukey PL-WD03

Aukey PL-WD03 110 degree wide angle lens and case set is easy to put and take off. This lens set is compatible with iPhone 6/6S (plus).


Kamerar Zoom

Kamerar Zoom lens kit is ideal for iPhone 7 Plus and is inexpensive. This adds macro, extended telephoto lenses and fish eye to your smartphone.



Moment starter kit comes along with wide angle lens, telephoto lens and mounting plate. These lenses are sturdy built and come for a reasonable price.


Bitplay 7

Bitplay 7 is a phone case and lens system and is convenient and simple to use.


Photojojo Iris

Photojojo Iris offers three lenses set for iPhone 6/6 and 6/6 S Plus. There are wide, fisheye and micro lens.



CamKix camera lens kit for iPhone 6 / 6S has four lenses and is the best one in the inexpensive lenses range.

A good iPhone lens should be easy to use, and it should be portable. New versions of iPhones are introduced from time to time, and the manufacturers of glass modify or improve their products to suit the new devices. So check the ones that perfectly suit your needs.

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