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Introduction to Flipboard Looping Video Ads for Brands

The Gif type looping videos are now trending topic that was going on the web. Flipboard has recently introduced a new feature for the advertisers to promote their commercials with the brand new format with looping videos for their brands. The looping ads are get scrolled onto the platforms silently that means without any sound just like the Facebook autoplay video ads. The ad feature contains the short loops with a section of the video. They are available for the users during the content search. The users will also get informed about the latest updates too.


The format was designed to loop the video for the three to eight seconds length, and people can simply click on to the ad to watch the ad in full-screen mode with the audio. This feature is very much beneficial for the marketers as it can attract the audience towards watching the commercial and it depends on the brand about the content of their video. So, many marketers are now showing their interest in this new feature for their brand promotion commercials.

By clicking on to the video, the people can watch a full advertisement in the full screen with the audio. This type of feature allows the best way of viewing and attracts the people towards it., the short loop gif type video ads will attract the huge audience and increase the sales leads for the marketers. Even it is the best way and easiest way to place the ad content to get the attention in right manner.

The Flipboard is providing more benefits to the video advertisers like delivering both the options like autoplay and the audience intended video in the same path. Everyone knows about the crazy demand of mobile by the public and by picking that point they are working out with the ‘cinema loop’ video ad which could be available on the mobile magazine app. Flipboard is a form of silent video ad which plays when the consumer reaches it, and when the user prefers it then the full video ad will be performed.


Use of Flipboard could be the advantageous to the advertisers to promote their services or products through the stream of video. If you struck in the middle of choosing platform to make promotions just go on using this Flipboard.

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