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40 Interactive Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

40 Interactive Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is the only platform to increase the business demand, and most of the marketers will use this in all categories to develop their business. To promote YouTube Channel in some more better way follow the phrases below.

  1. Associate the relevant tags by using the Youtube tools and make a good description on your every video that is uploaded
  2. Encourage the people, to like and shre your videos with attractive call to action
  3. Promote your videos to the known people including relatives and clients
  4. Ask people to watch your videos, especially your Facebook and other social media friends
  5. Take advantage of Social media platforms for your video promotion.
  6. Share the video links to your clients and cross advertise your links on to other social platforms
  7. Use the general public targeting techniques by approaching the bloggers, producers etc
  8. Optimize your video to rank better on search engines efficiently
  9. Collaborate your videos with collaborators and capture the attention of the people.
  10. Promote your YouTube Channel with your catalogs and other sales materials by following the traditional advertising procedures
  11. Go with key word advertising practices on Google, and other search engines
  12. Go with AdWords advertising which is a cost effective to your video promotion
  13. Try to hire a marketing a video marketing company for your services.
  14. Attest your videos along with the email letters
  15. Promote your videos in messages
  16. Transcribe the audio of your video into texts and post it in your blog
  17. Attach the videos to your email signature for better exposure
  18. Use one to one mailing to promote your videos
  19. Promote your video from your social media accounts
  20. Promote your videos on Twitter by using the hastags that links your video
  21. Promote your video on Facebook, by posting on to your account publicly
  22. The hashtag you have used in twitter must reflects your serv ices or products you offer to the people
  23. Advertise on your LinkedIn profile too for better engagement and identity
  24. Put your creativity in the videos to attract the audience
  25. Don’t make lengthy videos, it may bored the consumers and viewers
  26. Make your video with good quality and clear audieo that can grab the attention of viewers who are watching your video.
  27. Compare with other successful channels and follow the tactics
  28. Subscribers are very important and every view and like can be counted for success
  29. Don’t go with large signup forms for your customers and make them short and simple
  30. Target the consumers with their information without disturbing them with your promotion
  31. Customer comfort plays a role for your company success. So, promote your video with good transcription and approach SEo services for better exposure
  32. Exposure of videos may leads to positive or negative impression on audience. To go with the positive side of things better hiring online reputation management executive and take their services
  33. Don’t over respond to the negative comments for your video. Just try to request them and let them know about your complete services if they are interested in.
  34. Link your videos to the blog posts
  35. Add a special links to your social media profiles
  36. Advertise using the Facebook ad platform also
  37. Arrange your playlists on your youtube account as it may directs the viewers to your previous projects also.
  38. Update your video time to time
  39. Post regularly by following the latest trends online
  40. Be active with the Youtube community


Every marketer should have good knowledge on promoting tips and techniques when you want to run a successful channel by overcoming the activities of the competitor.

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