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How to Create and Launch an Instagram Stories Ad

Instagram Stories Ad

Instagram Stories is the most commanding word that holds the entire social media by ruling the video marketing. Instagram Stories Ad can be used either to make the thoughtful and creative stories of each moment that we spend either personal or business oriented.

As it is the most exciting and new concept, every user shows much interest to use this Instagram stories.

Hence we can find millions of users with continuous traffic. It could be the best way to link the ads to the stories in between.

Everything is fine but how to create and launch the Instagram Stories Ads. Don’t be tensioned we’ve generated everything at your fingertips through this article.

Instagram Stories Ad:

Most of the business organizations are choosing Instagram stories to promote their services or products.

Before that the video ad you upload should be eye-catching of the audience then only they could watch the video otherwise they prefer to skip the ad immediately.

The image or video of your ad should project the shadow of your intention to deliver that ad.

Instagram Stories Ads Specs:

When we want to upload the video ads or image ads in Instagram stories then it requires certain specifications to best fit. Just look below

The format of the vertical ad is 9:16 with full-screen support.

For video ads:

The maximum play length of the video ad should be 15 seconds.

The supported resolution is up to 1080×1920 and the least resolution we can choose is 600×1067.

It can be fitted to a maximum file size of 4GB.

The video file type should be in the format of .mp4 and .mov.

H.264 and VP8 codecs will be supported by the video and AAC, Vorbis by the audio.

For Image Ads:

The file size of the image should be 30MB.

The image slide will be displayed up to 5 seconds.

The image file format should be in the form of .jpg or .png type.

How to Advertise on Instagram Stories:

Using unique content:

As the stories appear in the center of the Instagram profile of audience then you should seize their eye at your story ad. That means it could be in creative form with the comparison of others stuff.

Shape the predictions of the audience:

Go on releasing the videos related to specific events that are organized to explore your product. That must be on the list of audience expectations.

Offering vouchers or gifts:

You should offer some gifts like paid top-ups or discount in traveling tickets after watching and sharing this video to a target of members. Then this will automatically lead the audience without much struggle.

Instagram Stories Ads Examples:

Advertising through Instagram stories has become the top most trend especially for business people either it may be small scale or large scale. Most of the companies are using Instagram stories ads to promote their products or services through the medium of video.

Some of them are NIKE, ASOS and Airbnb.


Nike has used the Instagram Stories ads to promote the brand of the Jordan Jumpman by revealing Michigan.

This video got 800,000 views on Instagram stories within 24 hours and other social media got 66,000 views for the same video.


As we all know about the ASOS has used the Instagram stories ads to advertise its products which can be used to spread the word of ASOS at each individual.


This one of best travel online market and provides hospitality for travelers to everyone. It launched ads in Instagram stories to explore its products in providing facilities.

How to Create Instagram Stories Ads:

First of all, you must need to generate the Instagram stories ads by using the Facebook adverts manager, marketing API or power editor.

After that you will be asked to select your marketing objective then you should pick up the option of Reach.

The icon Reach will notify you to assign the campaign name then hit continue.

Then move to placements option where you can find edit placements and now go to Instagram below it click the stories.

Now you need to select the format either single image or single video to upload your ad.

After uploading the video ad you will have the option to preview your ad before sharing with the audience.

This video ad in Instagram Stories can be successfully launched.

Note: To do all these you should link up the Instagram account to the Facebook page.

Stories Insights Instagram:

As we can find 150 million users of Instagram stories and by that craze, the business organizations are giving much preference to create ads in Instagram stories.

The business tool of Instagram is considering insights like creating a business profile, especially for business category.

Where we can find the complete details of replies, reach, exits and impressions related to the stories ads.

After analyzing these insights we can easily make assumptions of the audience interest towards a particular ad in Instagram stories.

Advantages of Instagram Stories Ad:

The products or services will easily hit our selling target by reaching the huge audience.

We can easily identify which video concept got more views and who viewed Instagram Stories Ad.

If the Instagram Stories Ad is very distinct from others then the audience might show the interest to share with their friends.

Depending on their interest you can upload the relevant video ads that best suits to audience requirements.


Here we have clearly defined details of creating and launching of Instagram stories including benefits from pin to pin. This might be helpful to launch a perfect video campaign by using Instagram stories.

Image Source : Pixabay

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