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Indian Video Streaming Industry Statistics [Study]

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Indian Video Streaming Industry is one of the biggest markets in Asia. The consumption of the media has increased globally in different digital formats due to increasing the capability of the various devices that are supporting the digital media. Many countries like the US is at the top consumption of digital media from various video on demand services and OTT services. When comes to India, the VOD services are just under the plan and companies are coming forward to develop and launch their services one by one this year. Here are some statistics of India in video and digital media consumption.

Indian Video Streaming Industry Statistics :

Statistical data compared with 10 points

  • Average Indian spending on Internet TV 9.4 out of 10
  • Broadcasting television ranks 9 out of 10
  • People accessing internet via mobile devices 8.5 out of 10
  • People watching online videos beyond TV programs are 6.2 out of 10

The research reports from several media companies revealed that consumption of VOD services become increased and the people from countries like India are also looking forward to the significant change in OTT and VOD services. The VOD was raised in India with new startup service providers this year. Many top companies like Viacom, Yupp TV, ALT Balaji, Dish TV, HooQ, and Zee digital come forward for their new VOD ventures in India.

every provider was targeting the India Pay TV consumers and online video consumers. The ALT Balaji started the VOD services at best price per month and still at a Beta stage very soon it can provide the people with the movies and shows in different Indian regional languages. Dish TV is also planning Dish Flix VOD services. Other VOD services like Zee Digital had collaborated with other top media companies and designed to provide different premium content for the Indians. The HOOQ flix video streaming service is giving international movies and shows along with the local content for its subscribers. Dish TV is providing the video on demand service via satellite without any internet connection.

Major Indian Video Streaming Industry Players

Introduction to Viacom18 Digital Ventures VOOT

Viacom is a multiplatform entertainment network which is the joint venture of TV18 and Viacom. The company has announced its new business in digital media. There is a high demand in the video streaming space, and many different types of online VOD and OTT services are trending these days. Several companies have collaborated with the top content distributors and top media companies to start brand new live streaming services and VOD services on the web across multiple devices.

Viacom18 Digital Ventures VOOT
Viacom18 Digital Ventures VOOT

Viacom 18 digital ventures announced the VOOT services which are going to be live very soon. It broadcasts beyond the Viacom 18 content and also creates the original programming of the material. It brings the new global content platform for the users to deliver 2G to 4G services and the WI-Di networks.

Viacom is planning a video on demand platform and names it as “Play Plex” which expected to release this year. The Play Plex is going to offer mobile TV app suite which separately given to each TV channel. It is available for users across 180 Viacom global territories. The VOD development had become an upward trend in the country where users are continuously facing the expensive data plans and low internet speed. Around 42 percent of data, consumption was going with some top carriers. It is beneficial to the VOD services if it can allow better connectivity speeds. So, there is the need for rolling out Wi-Fi which enhances the mobile networks to meet the demand.

Introduction to HOOQ Video Streaming Service

Video streaming services are the big news these days as many companies are getting collaborated and partnering with one another for the launch of VOD and OTT video streaming services. The video has great demand across the web, and people love to watch the exclusive on-demand video content across multiple devices. Hooq is one such online video on demand service which is a joint venture of SingTel and the Sony television along with Warner Bros. the Video on demand service is planned to launch in India which provides both the international and as well as the Indian regional content. Hooq is the first on-demand OTT service that is announced by the SingTel. 65 percent of Hooq digital holdings owned by SingTel and 17 percent was held by the other two partners.

HOOQ Video Streaming Service
HOOQ Video Streaming Service

It has a vast catalogue which consists of 15000 international and local titles. Hooq is going to start its video on demand services at the best price of INR 199 per month. There are nearly 130 million pay-TV users. The Hooq VOD services are targeting the users with brand new premium content. The content can access across various devices along with the android setup boxes. Hooq also partnered with the first studios like UTV Disney, Reliance, and Sri Balaji, etc. the Hooq app allows the mobiles and PCs to stream and downloads the movies and shows. Hooq is planning to provide the exclusive content which is not available on ad-supported platforms like Youtube.

The platform has tied up with the YashRaj films, Rajshri which allows the users to access Bollywood films across India in different Indian languages. The VOD service is also planning to provide the users with the best international movies which can be able to watch in Thai, Korean, Japanese, French, German and many other European languages.

Introduction to Balaji Telefilms streaming service ALT Balaji

Balaji Telefilms owned by an Indian Actor Jeetendra. The Indian company founded in the year 1994 in Mumbai, India. The company produces various reality shows, Comedy, game shows and other entertainment on the small screen in different Indian languages. It incorporated the Balaji Motion pictures for Bollywood movies and included the ALT entertainment Limited in the year 2010. The over the Top video service is planned to launch by Balaji Telefilms which called as ALT. The service is going to introduce via subsidiary ALT digital media entertainment.

A Balaji Telefilms
A Balaji Telefilms

The OTT platform is estimated to compete with the other services in the streaming market. The company has teamed up with the Over the top famous Xstream and Diagonal to run the streaming services ALT Balaji. The Balaji is investing more than 2.5 Billion INR in the OTT platform which is going to launch this summer. The Xstream is going to supply the cloud-based video management system, and the Diagonal was designing the front end and development with data solution along with the system integration.

ALT Balaji is planning a full-on entertainment for its audience with its OTT service. The OTT service subscription estimated as INR 50 per month. The Xstream was using Amazon web services to deliver the quality output along with the EC2 for operating the API customer-facing services. The RDS and the Redshift were going to use for the statistics and metadata. The production studio is planning to offer on-demand, original and exclusive content for its subscribers very soon.

Introduction to YuppTV’s YuppFlix

YuppTv is one of the favorite online live streaming platforms across the web. It has launched its new on-demand movie streaming services in all the regions of its operations. YuppTv is the world’s most significant over the top Indian content provider. It has a vast library with a collection of more than 5000 movies in twelve different languages. The new Yuppflix is going to offer the best on the go entertainment with various genres like comedy, Romance, Thriller and much more.


Yuppflix is going to update the latest blockbusters with instant updates through the video ad campaigns along with the push notifications. It is also planning to provide the premiers of the upcoming movies and the blockbusters. The platform mainly designed for the distribution of the local content across the countries. According to the view of the CEO of YuppTV, many Indians are missing the local shows and over the top Indian content and have limited legal access. So, Yuppflix is going to fill the gap to entertain the people at all verticals.

At present, the extensive database of the Yuppflix was offering the regional Indian languages Like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, and Bengali. The Yuppflix has over 25000 hours of on-demand content which is accessible by the subscription with the internet connection. The catalog will get updated with every week with new entertainment content along with the daily updates. It can be accessed via 25 different internet connected devices which deliver high-quality content at one click.

Introduction to Dish TV new video-on-demand service called DishFlix

Dish TV is one of the Largest DTH operators in India. It is planning to launch a new video on demand services which named as DishFlix. The operator is planning to allow its subscribers to watch the movies without any advertisements. Another interesting thing is, the users will not require any internet connection as the movies can be beamed via dish TV setup box via satellite.


Majority of people in India were using the dish TV setUp box to watch their local television shows across the states. The regular cable connected Pay TV almost stopped by TROY India. So, people were hooked up to the setup boxes, and Dish TV was at the top. With this awareness in the people of India, Dish TV step forward to introduce the Video on Demand service via satellite in India. This service is very different from the other video on demand services.

The customers of this Dishflix have to but a separate set up for Dishflix hardware for 5990 INR. It also has a simple monthly subscription of 100 Rupees for content. The Dishflix is get preloaded with the 50 movies, and every 15 films will get refreshed every month depending on the first in the first out model. The categories separated like action, comedy, drama, Romance, and Thriller. The movies can be watched ad-free, and users can also have the option to record the TV shows via Flix Box.

Introduction to Zee Digital online streaming platform OZEE

Zee entertainment is popular in Indian small screen. The company was planning to start a new service in streaming media. The company is going to operate a new subscription driven OTT platform. The new Video on Demand platform named after OZEE. It is just like a Video on demand based on advertisers which named as OZEE. The website of the platform is currently at the Beta stage. There is also a mobile app for the services which will go live very soon on both the android as well as on iOS platform.. the video on demand platform was running under the supervision of Karan Jaotapkar, head of ZDCL.


The video on demand platforms has become the need of the present time to enjoy and relax whenever we have time in the busy schedules. OZEE will offer the television content made available for the users within minutes of the television telecast. Many people are habituated to watch the serials and other shows on the web as they are unable to watch them on television at a particular time. So, the OZEE service provides the best content with high quality within minutes after telecast.

Today the video watching the behavior of the people changed, and a majority of people love watching the videos on their devices. The OZEE allows the viewers to consume the content free of cost. The service has mainly targeted people between the age of 18 to 24 years. OZEE can access from all the devices, and the primary key feature of OZEE is superior and interactive video viewing experience even under the low bandwidth connections. So there will not be the hassle of buffering the video content on devices.

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