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Social Video – India’s First Video Social Network

India's First Video Social Network

Today apps are everything to get connected with any subject around the world. Some tech giants are developing the apps that are very helpful for the students and individuals. You may be familiar with India’s First Video Social Network, the entertainment apps, music apps, gaming apps and many other apps that are helpful in our daily life.

Recently, one innovative application named was launched to engage the top content and better search for brands and the talent on one platform.

It is an innovative application which can help the talented artists across the places and help them to build their career, and the users can watch and encourage them by sharing and following the individual talent which can be an added asset to the artists on the platform.

Manu celebrities and top judges are involved in the platform’s growth and will award the talent.

The users can enter the challenges and can share their story and talent in the videos and just merely upload to the platform.

There are two different ways to win the things. One is Buzz points, and the other is JP- Judges pick. The users can win cash prizes and life-changing opportunities.

The buzz points determine the favourite vote winners basing on the views, likes, followers and the shares.

Many industry celebrities, judges are looking for the best performances and talent, and if you don’t earn the buzz points, still the users have the chance to win.

Finally, the application is the excellent platform for the talented and creative artists and individuals to get good exposure to get identified among the millions.

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