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Importance of YouTube on Healthcare Industry

YouTube on Healthcare Industry

Most businesses use online marketing today to grow and connect with customers. Social media sites such as YouTube are turning into productive platforms for generating leads. Healthcare industry is also using social media for generating leads. People are more active on social media sites making it the perfect choice for targeting the people. YouTube on Healthcare Industry is the key concept to discuss here.

People who are looking for medical information go to YouTube and ninety percent of these people are in the early twenties. Studies proved that nineteen percent of the people who use smartphone got the apps related to diet, exercise, and weight installed on their phones.

More than fifty percent of the people look for virtual advice on the internet for their health problems. It is also proved that more than forty percent of the people rely on social media to take the decisions. It is observed that there is a lot of increase in the diversion of YouTube traffic to hospital sites.

YouTube Popularity in Medical Field

The role of video in medical education proved to be effective in improving the performance of the students. Students will pay more attention to the learning the subject when teaching is integrated with multimedia tools such as video.

YouTube is the most visited website for information even by the medical professionals and students. YouTube has become home to high-quality educational content.

Tips for using YouTube in Medical Education

  • Many educational institutes and organization made videos one of their tools for online learning. This format gained popularity even in medical education also both at the undergraduate level and postgraduate levels.
  • The use of online tools such as videos offer many advantages in medical education.
  • Online medical education eliminates the challenge of physical distance, and these are also economical regarding both the time and money.
  • YouTube videos for medical education can enhance learning, and these can be integrated easily into instructional methods.
  • The high quality of videos can be created, and by uploading them to YouTube, worldwide access is permitted for the users.
  • The medical education videos can reach global viewership.
  • Posting educational videos on YouTube results in getting large numbers of views and reach broader audiences.
  • YouTube can be used to upload videos of some procedures such as endoscopy so that students will easily understand them.
  • Videos with simple illustrations of procedures can be created which can make the channel popular with the students.
  • Topics such as symptoms and signs of health problems, treatments, etc. are used to create the medical education videos.

YouTube for Healthcare Marketing

YouTube is the most popular website and search engine. It offers the healthcare business exposure to potential patients and customers. YouTube is the perfect platform for sharing information about the healthcare products and promote them.

Healthcare brands can create videos in which doctors speak to the patients about the products. Doctors can educate patients about various diseases, health problems, symptoms and their treatments.

YouTube videos can be accessed freely by anyone from anywhere, and so the audience can connect with the healthcare providers with comfort and convenience.

Top Healthcare YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines, and it allows people to share their videos with the world. Healthcare companies and businesses also use this platform to show latest developments and innovations.

There are many YouTube channels in belonging to the healthcare industry, and some of the popular channels include the GE Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Philips Healthcare, American Heart Association and Novartis.

Other popular YouTube channels such as American Cancer society, Elekta, Siements, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Medical Association create videos to share personal medical stories, new inventions in medicines and many more.

World’s Most Amazing Medical Videos on YouTube

There are many YouTube channels that create medical videos. Some of the amazing medical videos you will find on YouTube are the cardiology videos which are short, sweet and well illustrated.

You can also find medical videos on topics like glycolysis and bacteriology. Great medical videos on various topics which are very helpful for the medical students can be accessed from Lecturio YouTube channel.

Strong Medicine is another channel where you will find great video lessons on chest X-rays interpreting, tests for pulmonary functions, etc.

YouTube Impact on Healthcare Industry Statistics

  • This is the generation which goes to social media sites such as YouTube to get answers to general health questions instead of going to a doctor.
  • More than forty percent of the consumers say that social media sites such as YouTube affects that way they deal with their health problems.
  • It is proved that people in the age of a group of 18 to 24 years use social media twice more than other age group people to find information about health-related issues. It is also revealed that the information shared on YouTube is trusted more by people in this group.
  • More than 54% of the patients find it comfortable to seek advice from social media sites such as YouTube to get their conditions treated.
  • Studies also revealed that 31% of the professionals belonging to healthcare industry use YouTube for networking professionally.
  • YouTube also influences the decision taken by the patients about hospital or doctor, as said by 41% of people.


YouTube is a platform that provides maximum exposure at little expense. That is why everyone in the healthcare industry is considering this platform for broadening their reach and get positive results.

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