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Importance of Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing

In the coming few months, 80% of the global internet traffic will be from videos. Video marketing is one of the effective ways to promote business. The video is a powerful medium that cannot be ignored. Video platform YouTube is the largest search engine in the world after Google, and this shows how popular online video has become. Video content marketing is one of the best ways to reach the target audience and allow consumers to interact with brands.

What is Video Content Marketing?

The video is a compelling and most engaging communication medium. Video content marketing is to create video content valuable to and relevant to the viewers and distribute to the target audience to attract, engage and convert leads. In this approach, the needs and wants of the buyers are given preference.

  • This type of marketing is to consider where video can be integrated into other forms of content such as blog posts.
  • Different types of videos are created to generate awareness of the brand or service. Videos are also created to offer solutions to the problems of the audience.
  • A well-made video helps the potential customer to take the buying decision quickly. Video content marketing plays a vital role in the sales funnel.
  • Loyalty and trust can be built, and the brand can be positioned as an expert leading to conversion rates boosting.
  • Educational, explainer, entertaining, product, case study, how to, FAQ and instructional videos are some types of videos that are used for marketing.
  • To make video content marketing success, one will need talent, creative ideas, goals and in-depth research.
  • The three steps in perfect video content marketing are the strategy, production, and marketing.

Reasons to Buzz Video in Content Marketing

According to studies videos are useful marketing tools those other conventional marketing tools such as emails or prints. People are consuming more video content now as smartphones have become cheaper and internet plans are more accessible. Why should the video be made part of the marketing campaigns?

  • Video content marketing helps improves SEO. Adding videos to the website, landing pages or sales pages improve click-through rates and increases conversions.
  • Interesting videos are shared by people more. Viewers remember the video content that watched and the brand recall is also higher which results in more sales.
  • Videos offer higher engagement.
  • Video content allows the marketing teams to get valuable feedback and know what changes need to be made to the strategy.
  • Video content marketing provides better ROI.

Insights to Measure the Success of Video Content Marketing

Marketers realize that video has the potential to be an essential part of the content marketing strategy. It is now easy to create video content. But how to measure the success of the video marketing? Here are the essential metrics that one should follow once the video is out.

View Count:

View count provides the information of reach of the video content. However different platforms measure the view count differently. Do not focus much on this metric and neglect to see how the video is performing.

Watch Time:

Watch time is another metric that indicates how interested viewers with the video content are.


Check the engagement of the viewers with the video content. Check the social media shares. Go through the comments to see how people are reacting and commenting.


Click through rate is another metric that gives indicates the success of the video in making the viewers take action.

Conversion Rate:

External tools such as Google Analytics can track conversion rate. This metric show how many audiences visited the site after watching the video content.

Video Content Marketing Strategies

Here are some of the best video content marketing strategies. Share videos on social media as videos on these platforms generate more shares when compared to text and images.

Include live streaming to the video content marketing strategy as more audience prefer live video from brand to social posts.

Take advantage of the popularity of virtual reality.

Millions of hours of video content are being watched on virtual reality devices.

One important thing to remember in video content marketing is not to focus on the sales but on the value that is provided to the audience.

Choose the topic of the video after carefully doing keyword research. Maintain consistency throughout the video marketing strategy – be it in the video, graphics, music or color.

Benefits of Using Video Content Marketing

  • There are many benefits of using video content marketing.
  • Video catches the eyes of the consumer more effectively than text-based content.
  • In the highly competitive state of content marketing captivating content is necessary so that it is consumed more.
  • Video marketing effectively does this. Measuring the performance of video is easy.
  • It is possible to know what is working and what is not and optimize the video content accordingly.
  • Having a video on the website increases the time the visitors spend on the site.
  • This also helps to rank higher in the Google search rankings. Video content marketing contributes to developing an emotional connection with the viewer.


Video content marketing offers several benefits including leading to increased sales. The video is here to stay. Marketers have to adapt it to remain competitive and relevant. It becomes necessary to include video in the marketing strategies irrespective of the size and type of the business. The trend of video content marketing is here to stay and will reach new heights soon.

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