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Igor Michailov : Executive Director Of VIDEO KICKSTARTER – Exclusive Interview


Reelnreel Exclusive interview with Igor Michailov : Executive Director of VIDEO KICKSTARTER a leading video production Company.

Tell us something about your Company VIDEO KICKSTARTER?

We started out as a regular video production company catering to high-end clients including food and beverage retailers, banks and gyms. We’ve decided to take our advertising approach and apply it to Kickstarter videos – with a twist. Clients only pay minimum production costs until they projects get funded!

What are VIDEO KICKSTARTER video advertising services?

We employ a copywriter to develop professional scripts, work with actors, provide voice-over, music and top-notch video equipment to produce Kickstarter videos that get backed time and time again.

What are the latest Trends in Video advertising ?

These days we get a lot of requests for videos that showcase not only the client’s product but also tell a story – often in a humorous way. A good example is the viral Dollar Shave Club ad. Having a great product is just the beginning. Engaging customers and eliciting a response is the key to a brand’s success.

Tell us something about your VIDEO KICKSTARTER process with respect to Video marketing?

Marketing is a huge part of the equation. No matter how good your product or video is if no one sees it you’ve already lost. A lot of our clients have success with using Facebook advertising to further their campaign.

What is the VIDEO KICKSTARTER Success Model?

One of our recent clients, WooBots, raised nearly $90,000 dollars on Kickstarter (800% of their funding goal). First and foremost it’s about having a great video. Statistically, it is the first thing people see when they visit a site, and a good video will engage the viewer and create a lasting impression.

We also work with companies that help our clients get featured on popular sites to spread the word. WooBots featured on Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics and Engadget!

Say something about your animation and 3D modeling?

Animation and 3D modeling is part of our services and is something that is fairly unique to Video Kickstarter and part of the reason our videos stand out!

What are the Latest VIDEO KICKSTARTER Services that can help brands?

Video Kickstarter is all about innovation so why should Video Kickstarter be any different? Our newest addition is offering VR and 360-degree videos to our clients. These are becoming increasingly popular on Facebook and can really underpin your brand as being advanced and on the cutting edge.

How can Upcoming Brands benefit by using your VIDEO KICKSTARTER Services?

We have a wealth of experience from doing hundreds of Kickstarter campaigns and we’re not shy about sharing this knowledge with our clients. Even if a client chooses to go with another company or make their own video we are more than happy to give them the benefit of our experience.

We also make great videos. Check out our latest work at

Thank You Igor Michailov for sharing your valuable inputs with Reelnreel readers.

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