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Idea for YouTube: Playlist for YouTube Channels known as Channel Lists

YouTube is the biggest destination for the video content on the web. Some millions of users are used to upload the content and also place under the different categories in the playlist feature on YouTube platform. The platform had given an opportunity for the users to manage the playlists according to their privacy preferences online. It has provided various opportunities to meet the right audience and to increase the traffic towards your videos.


Like Twitter lists, why YouTube can’t launch the public lists and private lists for Channels

Twitter lists are created to bunch the people together on the platform to organise the tweets abusing on the groups and to get recommendations from the other users to follow by creating the public listings of people. The lists feature in the Twitter platform also useful to follow the people those who are not following you. The lists dived into two categories which are private and public lists. The private lists on Twitter allow only creators of a list to manage and they can able to see or subscribe them and also able to keep an eye on your competitors by listing them in private list. Whereas the public lists can see to anyone and anyone can follow them.

When comes to the YouTube channel, there is no listing like private or public. Instead, the playlists help the users to proceed the subscriptions, and there are only options as private and public privacy for playlists. If the video in public playlists favoured by others, then they will follow and get subscribed to the concerned creator. So, if the YouTube also maintained separate channel lists, then it will be more beneficial for the users to get more subscribers as well as beneficial for brands to know more about their followers too.

YouTube introduced YouTube Channel Lists feature platform, be more user-friendly, and channels will have more subscribers by sharing this packed list of best channels in on all kinds of industries.

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