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IBM Creates First Movie Trailer using Watson APIs and AI Techniques

IBM Creates First Movie Trailer

What are the ingredients that must be used to make the trailer of a horror movie scarier? Is there any formula to follow to make the trailer more interesting? 20th Century Fox is making a horror film which stars Kate Mara, Anya Taylor Joy, Jennifer Jason Leigh and others. The filmmaking team decides to make an experiment to create a scary trailer for the movie ‘Morgan’ and teamed up with IBM scientists.

The scientists at IBM used machine language techniques and Watson API to create the trailer for the movie ‘Morgan’. Many numbers of trailers of thriller movies were analysed by the system before it suggested some moments that can be used in the trailer. The machine found out the types of scenes that made the people scary and has given the list of 10 such moments in the film ‘Morgan’. The moments were then arranged together after editing by the IBM filmmaker. Seeing the trailer it seems that the machine very well understood what the humans like and how to scare the people.

The trailer of ‘Morgan’ is the first to be created using Artificial Intelligence program. We have seen other applications of artificial intelligence in writing novels, music creation and playing games like chess and football. Now, we have seen an artificial intelligence program creating a trailer for a movie about an artificially enhanced human.

Watson API brilliantly selected the scenes to make the best trailer for the movie ‘Morgan’ and what is more interesting is that the trailer making will now be completed within hours. If done manually, the movie editors have to select the moments carefully after sorting through the footage and this process took weeks of time. The movie ‘Morgan’ directed by Luke Scott is hitting the screens on September 2.

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