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IBM AI-Driven Captioning for Live and On-Demand Video

Do you want to make your live video more effective with IBM AI-Driven Captioning?

Don’t you find time to engage your audiences with effective editing skills?

IBM is launching the most innovative and seeking feature “Watson Captioning” by using Artificial Intelligence to the present business world. It has become the viral news in the overall marketing industry. The global market completely relies on the medium video through social media platforms.

The marketers and advertisers are choosing it as the primary aspect to bring the brand awareness among the customers. Most media companies are much awaiting to collaborate with the AI captioning for the live videos and on-demand video content.

The Watson Caption will vanish the human work, lessens the cost of work and also cuts the time to spend more. The publishers and marketers can create and edit the captions for the live video and on-demand content simply and easily.

Features of IBM ‘Watson Captioning’

Generating accurate captions:

The use custom vocabulary and custom corpora feature in the Watson Captioning will help to improve the perfection in the scripts of first-run captions.

Creation of domain-specific models through the customization of language model can improve the recognition precision.

High Quality through Caption Editor:

By using the unique feature ‘caption editor,’ the users can easily filter the words of low confidence through rapid review.

The automatic time synchronization of edited words will take place to do the fast and trouble-free manual correction.

While comparing to other caption editors, it provides 30 to 50% of efficient correction.

It is flexible for both the professionals and amateurs.

Quicker than regular through automation:

With the help of Watson Speech to text API, the automatic captions are produced that saves the money and time. Directly within a fraction of seconds, the captions are created by using Watson Captions.

Readability enhancement:

The algorithm that will be used in this Watson Caption will enhance the readability by making the fragments of captions automatically. Simply it generates the breaking points that are needed for perfect reading and understanding of the video content.

Enriching the Self-learning:

The use of Watson Captioning can improve the one’s capability of learning by own through perfection in recognition and corrections.

Through the analyzed captions the proper nouns and names are pulled out, and that list will be used in the next uses for automatic recognition.


The IBM AI-Driven Captioning is the great innovation that boosts the performance of the video content that is going live and video on demand that it completely engage the audiences.

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