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How To Use YouTube To Sell Your Brand


Many businesses are now latching on to the idea that using YouTube is a great way to promote their product, be it the latest in technology, or handcrafted t-shirts and Jewellery. If you have something to sell, now it is the time to consider showcasing your product to the billions of YouTube users around the world.

Here is a beginner’s guide to understanding how it can work for you.

Hire an influencer

You may not be confident in posting your own video to the site. Don’t worry; many people feel the same way you do. For that reason, they hire people known as YouTube influencers, people with a large following behind them. These YouTube stars are often happy to endorse a product, for a fee or the opportunity to keep the item they are promoting.

Using packaging to reflect your brand identity, let your product be part of the unboxing culture prevalent on YouTube at the moment. People are gaining millions of subscribers by just opening boxes and revealing what is inside, from kids toys to the latest in technology. If it can be unboxed, somebody is already doing it on YouTube. It’s like Christmas morning all over again.

Creating your video

If you have plucked up the courage to make a video, there are several things you will need to get started.

You will need a recording device. A smartphone comes with an inbuilt video camera, and is both lightweight, portable and easy to use. However, the audio and video quality may not be ideal for a professional presentation. A better option is to purchase a camcorder, for which you will also need a tripod to stand it on and a good quality microphone so your voice can be heard clearly.

While many YouTubers film from their bedroom, this may not be right for you. The room should look uncluttered, allowing the focus to be on you and the product. You should also keep out natural light and purchase incandescent lighting for a more professional feel.

When recording your video, it is wise to plan what you are going to say. However, provided you are not conducting a live stream, you have ample opportunity to record and rerecord until you are happy with the finished product.

Keep your video short and to the point. With the vast amount of content already on YouTube, people quickly become bored and click to the next video in the row. Keep it relevant, in the form of a tutorial in how the product can be used, or as a sales pitch telling the viewer why they should consider your brand.

When completed, use video editing software such as iMovie on the Mac or Movie Maker on Windows, to add the finishing touches to your video. Then transfer it to your computer, set up a Google account if you don’t already have one, and upload to YouTube.

Your job isn’t over, share your video on social media and consider making other videos to build a legion of subscribers.

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