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How to Use YouTube Ads to Drive Mobile App Downloads?

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The app installs or mobile app download ads can be done with the app installation campaigns which can be run across the tabs and phones. Google Adwords helps you I creating your app installation ads based on your reviews; icon and these types of ads can draw the people’s attention towards the app store for downloading your app. Here is everything about mobile app downloads.

How Does YouTube Ads Work?

The ads run based on the type of targeting options and bid strategy. Basing on the bid strategy the ad will be targeted to the specific demographics.

YouTube Ad Costs & Getting Downloads with Your YouTube Ads

The ads generally work by linking up the app with the TrueView for the app promotion. The YouTube bidding is based on the Cost per View basis. The video ads for the app can be created automatically using the link from the YouTube account as well as the App ID. The name, icon, price and the concerned rating will be displayed next to your video ad

The TrueView for CPM view is around $80 at 0.09 CPV and at 20 percent view rate it will be around 17$ CPM. You can check the updated rates and calculate based on the type of bid you have chosen for your app download ads.

Let us go step by step for the App promotion to get more app downloads using the YouTube ads.

Step 1: Target Mobile-Only Device placements

You can select the mobile only placements while going with the app installation campaigns. You can target the mobile devices for your app installations.

Step 2: Target by device type (Android or iOS)

There is also an option to target your ads basing on the users operating system. the major operating systems are Android and iOS systems. You can target these two operating systems and can launch your campaign. You app installation ad will be reached to all users who are using these two operating systems.

Step 3: Target by connection type (Wi-Fi Only

You can target the ads basing on the connection that users are using to download the application. App promoters can enhance the opportunity to target the users who are using the Wi-Fi only for the app download.

Step 4: Use YouTube Retarget Ads

The Youtube retargeting ads are one of the best options for your app promotion and to boost the installations. Match up the previously engaged audience with your ad and retarget them to boost your app installations.

Step 5: Place your YouTube Ads on Target YouTube Videos

You can also place your youtube ads basing on the relevancy across different Youtube videos. So, target the Youtube videos more precisely.

Step 6: Create an Eye-Caching Custom Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first impression for your ad so; choose the attractive, relevant and interesting thumbnail for your video ad

Step 7: Test Multiple Ads

Try testing the multiple ad formats, so that you can know the behavior of your audience as well as a strength of your advertisement and targeting.

Step 8: Choose CTAs for app installs

Call to actions plays a huge role in drawing the attention of the viewers in a precise way. A strong call to action can fulfill your objective and helps in reaching the target.

Install Now – Use this CTA by giving the audience a link that directs to the app store to install the app.

Use App – You can redirect the audience towards your app feature page.

Book Now – Book now can be used to feature your service within the app and attract the viewers with the same using this CTA.

Download – Add a link to download your app directly.

Learn More – redirect the viewers to the app advantages and features by providing a download option.

Watch more, watch the video – you can also use these CTAs when you are ready with the app info video or services videos.

Step 9: Test ad delivery in different timings

It is better to know the different timings of Ad delivery to estimate the engagement levels of your mobile app downloads.

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