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How To Use Incognito Mode In YouTube

Incognito Mode In YouTube

The Incognito mode of Google’s YouTube finally out on both Android and iOS. Now the users of YouTube are successfully using the YouTube Incognito mode. Most of the audiences are not intended to reveal their search history. By considering that reason, YouTube has taken a step ahead of launching the most advanced user required feature like Incognito mode. It helps the audience hide their search history.

It is too simple to switch to YouTube Incognito and simultaneously so simple to use this feature on the YouTube app.

What happens when switching to YouTube Incognito mode?

While turning to Incognito on YouTube the users are unable to access the menus like subscription, library, search and inbox which are hidden.

In Incognito mode the YouTube users can watch and search for videos on Home.

They can also watch the trending video while on Incognito.

As a user, if you need privacy to watch YouTube videos without revealing the search history and not intended to use the features mentioned above, then you can choose Incognito on YouTube.

Steps to enable YouTube Incognito mode

  • Go to the YouTube app your mobile.
  • Then select your YouTube profile that appears on the top right corner.
  • Now click on ‘Turn on Incognito.’
  • After that, you’ll be notified with an alert while choosing the Incognito.
  • Then choose ‘Got It.’
  • You can freely use YouTube Incognito for searching the video privately.

Steps to get back your Google account

  • Click on Incognito icon appears on the right corner of the YouTube home.
  • Then select ‘Turn Off Incognito.’
  • Now it directs you to your YouTube account where you can access ‘subscription, library, Inbox, and search.


To get the latest version of YouTube having Incognito mode, it is necessary to update the YouTube app. By using this feature, the users can make safe browsing where others can’t find their search items in the YouTube search results. Though it is hiding the other features, the YouTube audience is preferring it to watch the YouTube videos.

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