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How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Email Marketing to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Business needs promotion and the marketer has the single object of promoting his company and products.  The same is true with online marketing as well.  YouTube is the largest platform on which you can create your own YouTube Channel for the promotion of your business. There are thousands and lacs of marketers promoting their business/product on this channel.

As explained earlier, promotion of channel requires multi-faceted approach and one of the methodologies include email marketing.   Email is useful for communication both at personal as well as business levels also. Despite the advantages of email, there are certain limitations to this powerful mode of communication.  You can’t send mail to your customers who do not have access to computer and net.

Keeping this in the background, now let us briefly discuss some of the tips on how email marketing can be used for promotion of your YouTube Channel.

• Most email clients like Outlook and Outlook offers a facility to affix ‘Signature’ to all the outgoing messages.   This signature can contain more information (in addition to the company contact details), details about your YouTube Channel as well.

• ‘Signature’ also enables you to incorporate the color combination for the channel.

• The internal mail list is one that is accumulated over a period by adding mail addresses of the majority of your customers.  This list is one of the best dependable sources of mail and you can correspond with your existing customers through this list.  This list is going to elicit a better response than any other methodology as those existing customers are aware of you and your company.

• Using “bcc” (blind carbon copy) is a technique where one recipient is not aware of other recipients of your message and there is no direct link (through your mail) between the various recipients of your mail.

• Email response tracing is possible through software like DotMailer, Lyres HQ, Islax, Pitney Bowes etc.

Despite the fact that email is one of the best communication channels, the marketer has to keep in mind that he is not supposed to bombard his recipients with continuous emails about his YouTube Channel.

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