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How To Use Copyrighted Music On YouTube?

Copyrighted Music

Copyright Violations are the most common term you might already go through sometimes as a Youtuber. Yes, we are in YouTube mania and from users to advertisers are focusing on YouTube Platform to promote and fetch benefits. The majority of the copyrights are addressed the music. They did not realize the consequences of copying someone music unintentionally or intentionally. Steps to use Copyrighted Music On YouTube can be observed here.

YouTube has stringent copyright laws which can take down your videos and even sometimes suspends your YouTube account due to the copyright infringements. So, creators must aware the consequences before utilizing any music. It is best to use the royalty free or copyright free music to avoid the copyright infringement. Here is a guide that helps you how to use the copyrighted music in your videos and monetize.

Music Copyright

The easiest way to avoid the copyright violations is to create the original or unique content for your video. Though you shoot your video which can be a unique one but containing additional elements particularly in Music might catch you in violation of YouTube terms.

Is it OK to utilize others music in the video?

It is a bit tough to answer the things because there are some ways to use the other’s music in your videos. However, it is big NO to using the other creator’s music content in your video.

You can get permits from the original owners of the music to use their creation of music in your video. Public domains consist some of the sorts of music files which can be utilized in your videos.

However, if the particular music you are using is licensed and is not in public domain you need to take license and permits from the real owner of that particular music copy otherwise your video will come under copyright infringement

You can also utilize the music from the royalty free music sites. However, there is some difference between the public domain music and the royalty free music usage for your YouTube platform.

Difference between Royalty free music and public domain music

The Royalty free music is the music which is under the approval of permits. You can obtain the permits very quickly, and anyone can get them with ease.

Over 15 percent of YouTube users are utilizing the royalty free music for their YouTube videos instead of other music files to prevent the copyright striking on their video.

The royalty free music does not mean that they are offering for free of cost, they will charge accordingly for the music file. However, there are also many sites that are offering the free music, and you can explore them even better.

How to obtain permissions from the copyright owners to utilize their music in your video?

You need a copyright license from the owner if it is not available in the public domain. The first thing you need to do is to know if that particular work needs any permission.

Later you need to identify the real or original owner of the content. The next thing is to determine the rights that are required for the license and contact the owner for payment negotiation. Take one written agreement from the copyright holder.

Re-purposing with the common creative license

Some Youtubers obtain the common creative license and allow others to repurpose their content in their videos. They allow the users to mark the videos under the CC-BY license. People can also utilize these types of videos using the CC-BY License.

These videos can be utilized for both commercial and non-commercial purposes using the YouTube, video editor. The source video titles will be attributed automatically when it is used with the creative common content license.’

You can search the creative standard content by performing the search and go with the filters option. After that, you can click on the creative common from the options given in the filters type. The videos get displayed in the search results which come under the common creative license.

What will happen if you utilize some one’s work in your video?

You need to know about the YouTube copyrights and rules and regulations that are included in it. If you are too lucky and not monetized your video, you will not receive any copyright claims on your video. If you have started the monetization of your video by including the others work in your video, then you are more likely to receive the copyright claims and flags on your video.

Monetization will catch the attention of the creators. If you receive more than three strikes, you will be suspended from the YouTube platform and no longer upload videos on the platform. The copyrighted laws on YouTube platform are that much strict than anything else. So, always check the usage rights before using the particular content whether it is a video or music in your videos.

Did you know about fair use?

The fair usage is focused on the exceptions which limit the power of the copyrights. That means you can utilize the work in a fair manner. There are many rights behind the fair use term that are governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is called as a DMCA rights. The fair usage terms the same DMCA guidelines.

DMCA helps you to know about the purpose of use and whether it is included commercially or for the nonprofit educational videos. It also determines the copyrighted work nature and the amount and substantial portion utilized in the work that is copyrighted.

How to get permission for using copyrighted music for your video?

It is a bit complicated when comes to contact the copyright holders for permits. There are some platforms which are offering the music for sale, and you can get these music files with a license from the real creators. This is the best way to get the copyrighted music for your YouTube videos.

Hope you have understood how to utilize the copyrighted content for your youtube videos.

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