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How to Turn Your Old YouTube Videos into Brand New Videos ?

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YouTube as a brand for the promotion of commercial activities has been able to get itself established.  Some of the astonishing facts about the content of YouTube include the following:

Once you create your account and upload your videos, it becomes important for you to ensure that the same are receiving a proper response (monitoring the response).

Over a period of time, the YouTube videos uploaded by you might not receive any traffic with the passage of time.  This is true in the majority of cases.  To turn old YouTube videos into brand new videos following are some of the tips:

• Ensure consistency in traffic to your videos.

• Ensure proper titling and thumbnails for the videos.

• Optimize video tags.

• Ask viewers to view and rate (and comment) the videos.

• Use the inbuilt features of YouTube to get deeper insights into the performance of your videos.

• Build excitement (among your followers) by cross-promoting the content on various social media in addition to YouTube.

• Keep constant engagement with your viewers.

• Refine the video thumbnails.

• Promote unique content on your videos on various social media.

• Conducting contests at regular intervals will harness the followers to your videos on YouTube.

The user must exercise utmost care while choosing his weapons (instruments) to keep his old videos on YouTube into brand new videos.

Ways to optimize old YouTube videos

Relevant Thumbnail:

Thumbnail plays a vital role to grab the audience attention. Make sure to add the title that is completely relevant to thumbnail. Because thumbnail is the opening hook to go through the entire video.

Checkout Description:

Instead of placing the targeted keywords in the description, try to give the relevant content in the description that means what your video is about. Because the description is the one which lets the audience either to watch or not. Note that the first few lines are most precious in the description.

Also, use better keywords. Along with that, make your description just in one paragraph which is easy to understand.

Interactive Cards:

Add interactive cards (end screens) at the end of the video to extend your audience watch at your YouTube channel. It is one of the primary tactics to engage the audience at your channel for a long time.


Give the proper trending tags that make your video visible at the search results of YouTube.

Evaluate the video:

Enhance the video by managing the comments section that means if it has any negative comments, then disable the comments section. Don’t waste time on managing comments.

Use Playlists:

At the end of the YouTube video, it displays a list of video recommendations for the audience to watch further. In that list, all other’s videos will be included which are relevant to that watched content.

If you want the audience to be stick at your channel, then create playlists. When the audience or your fans watch your video from the playlists, then YouTube plays the next video of yours, which can make your audience spend more time.


Just uploading the video on YouTube not enough to acquire the audience retention. The YouTube video optimization skills are mandatory to reach the targeted audience and get your channel monetization.

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