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How To Spot Fake YouTube Views

Fake YouTube Views

Generating fake YouTube views has become the most hunting game for many YouTube creators and not all. Some are being aside of not to buy the fake YouTube views. Some other creators are being neutral either to purchase or not. Each question of the creators either to buy fake views or not will be explained here.

What happens when you buy fake YouTube views?

Is this activity going to ruin your YouTube channel performance?

YouTube fake video views

  • Everyone knows that YouTube video views help the creators to add bucks through the impression of ads.
  • As the video has more views that much of higher search ranking that video grabs.
  • This credential will make the YouTube channel to gain popularity. Here both the audience and YouTube are accepting our challenging of buying fake YouTube views traditionally.
  • This is what we all think about the process of generating fake video views.
  • Now it is easy to spot the fake views as they got the attention of the media.
  • YouTube users can make use of video statistics to find the random views obtained from one source.

How to spot fake YouTube views?

When a specific YouTube video has bulk views with very fewer comments, likes, shares, and dislikes then those can be considered as fake views. It might be simple to spot than we think.

Suspicious activity of having a high view count:

  • For example, if you take one YouTube channel video having above 2 million views with 2000 likes, 500 comments, 20 dislikes, and 43 shares.
  • Then what it sounds like? Do you find any abnormal activity of having huge views?
  • Yes, it is the tactic that all we need to find. We can say it has fake video views.
  • Most of the YouTube creators may know that which type of videos will have a higher count of views.
  • Websites having embed videos of yours:
  • This is one of the best tactics to spot fake views. Make observation your video statistics where you can find the statistics of your embed videos on other websites.
  • If you think that those websites are not relevant to your YouTube channel, then we can say that they are fake views.

Making the video private:

It is another solution to find the fake views of YouTube video as a creator.

Make that video to be in private for a while and still it is getting the fake views then we can confirm the spam activity of fake views.

Use the feedback button:

Intimate the YouTube about fake views of your channel using the feedback button appears at the video editor menu.

Let them know that you are looking for the source and make sure not going to happen again.

Invalid Clicks Contact Form:

If you are using the monetization then intimate AdSense by using the Invalid Clicks Contact Form.

The past invalid clicks will lead to terminate your AdSense account permanently.

Why YouTube cracks down hard on creators with fake video views?

If your YouTube channel and videos have proven that you bought fake views, then YouTube has the right to terminate the channel or videos along with the takedown fake views.

The purchasing of YouTube fake video views cracks the relation between YouTube and the advertisers as the medium of creators. Due to this reason, YouTube cracks down on creators using fake video views.

What factors will project real-time engagement?

The high quality and reliable views always come from the real people that obtained through marketing or organically.

These audience are watching your videos with interest. This helps to gain continuous engagement with real-time audience including-

Likes, comments, dislikes, subscriptions, Ad revenue, shares, and clicks.

YouTube fake engagement policy

The unusual third-party activities that blown-up the views, subscriber and likes are not permitted on YouTube.

How YouTube measures engagement?

YouTube updates the subscriber’s number in user channel page, video watch page, account switcher and third-party applications which are using YouTube Data API.

When the page traffic considered as artificial that means through fake views, then YouTube will not count that subscribers. It makes your channel to have strikes.

Suspended subscribers and accounts which are treated as spam then views and subscribers will not be counted.

Consequences of buying YouTube fake video views

The obtained views through the activity of buying fake views will disappear or not be counted.

Such YouTube videos are removed immediately after confirming the spam activity.

The last and most significant thing is your YouTube account will be suspended.


The buying of fake views will damage your channel reputation. If you are not in the stream of buying fake video views and if it happens at your channel then go ahead of implementing the above tactics which helps you surely.

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