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How To Search YouTube Videos Using Voice Search?

youtube voice search

It is becoming favorite day by day. New YouTube voice search is much more efficient and easy to navigate different parts of the YouTube app directly. Moreover, it has a billion audiences using it every day. If we take Google, most of the users are using this assistant to search for anything on it. In the same, the Google-owned YouTube also has this feature in the regular search bar itself. To make most out of your YouTube search results use voice assistant on YouTube. This lets you save your time while searching.

Android Smartphone YouTube Voice Search

  • Open YouTube App
  • Click on Voice Search Icon
  • Tap the Microphone Icon
  • Allow access to to the Microphone from your Smartphone
  • A recording will start whatever you speak
  • Tap Microphone icon to end your voice recording
  • You will get search results displayed on your YouTube App

iPhone/iPad Smartphone YouTube Voice Search

  • Open YouTube App
  • Click on the search icon
  • Tap the microphone icon
  • A recording will start
  • Speak what you what to search on YouTube
  • End Recording
  • Tap X to go back

How do you exclude a word in a YouTube Video Search?

Use the plus sign to force a word in the results.
Use the minus sign to force search to exclude any irrelevant search results.


Control your YouTube through this activity. This is going to be the most seeking search feature in the present and future. Even the creators are looking to optimize the videos to serve in that YouTube saerch results.

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