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How To Restore A Terminated Youtube Account

How to Get Back a Terminated YouTube Channel

Most of the users of the YouTube don’t have an idea about how to hack YouTube account that has terminated. When its terminated, you might have lost the viewers with huge traffic and the video content that has uploaded.

YouTube is the one-stop destination for the video sharing, marketing, advertising, streaming and much more related to the video. It is the giant platform which provides lots of opportunities for the content creators to publishers on the platform. It has active content ID system which curates the content and filters the fake content within the channel. By using the content ID owners of the content can make their claims by using their content ID rights. The below are the procedure for How To Restore A Terminated Youtube Account.

How to Get Back a Terminated YouTube Channel

How to Get Back a Terminated YouTube Channel

The YouTube review the claims and helps the user to get back their account which withdrawn from the content violations and infringement of the content. Sometimes, it may lead to the YouTube channel termination if they have received more content ID related issues. There may be some situation where there are no issues with your channel and still received appeals and hacking is also one that leads to termination. Here is how to get back your terminated YouTube channel.

Restoring terminated YouTube channel

  • You had received an email stating that your account has terminated and there you can find a link to help centre
  • Click on to Termination and know the reason behind termination of your account and within a few hours, you can receive a mail from YouTube.
  • The YouTube will not allow if the channel has already received repeated violations and you may need to resolve any one of your video removals to get back your account or channel.
  • Make request email to the YouTube if it is not intentional or whether your video didn’t cross the content regulations and rules.
  • So, YouTube can make a review on your channel and re- instate your YouTube channel soon and make it operational and active again. But the flagged videos cannot be restored.

Click this Title to know the exact reason

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  1. zay

    January 27, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Dear All ,
    If you fill up the appeal form a 100 time you may get an automated answer with the same language , same words , same answer !! which means that , the appeal is already prepared and done for all before you appeal it .
    and hence , you are (( shooting in the Air )) and talking to ( invisible people who you cant see , listen and speak with ) so , you all who have their channels terminated are dealing with Ghosts !! yes Ghosts … who left you free while your revenues were very little . but after you have grown up your channel well and got the minimum payment in your Ad sense ( I should call it a Nonsense instead ) account …. the game came out and you were deceived … this is the real you tube policy of dealing .. so as to collect a millions of terminated channels with a cause or without a cause to terminate … Broadly speaking it is a matter of burgling …. don’t waste your time in creating too many channels because ultimately will be terminated … didn’t you ask yourself this question ” why you tube team didn’t terminate my account when its earrings were below a US 100 ? could you answer this question ??? .

  2. its technoholic

    November 25, 2017 at 11:57 am

    nice and helpful information ever

  3. dheeraj

    December 27, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    hi dear
    my youtube account is terminated without any strike. and i appealed 3 times to youtube to get my channel back but they dont gave me back my channel. i can you help me for restore my youtube account?

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