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How To Report A Copyright Complaint On YouTube

All YouTubers are haunting to fight against Copyright strikes on YouTube. It has become the most significant topic for the YouTube community.

What is YouTube Copyright strike?

If any of your video from YouTube is removed on request of the Copyright owner of that video by asking YouTube to do that in agreeing with Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It leads to getting the YouTube Copyright strike.

What happens after reporting YouTube Copyright complaint?

By choosing the ‘Flag’ button, anyone can report about the video. When the video with specific reason is submitted, then the YouTube team will review that video.

If that video contains the harassment, pornography, harmful and graphic violence that violating the YouTube Community Guidelines then the YouTube team will remove the video from the YouTube channel.

Another type of issue is that if anybody has stolen video content of yours. If they upload your video with their brand name that adds credits then for this type of issue, there is a long process to approach the YouTube Copyright team to claim that video rights that may be removed from their YouTube channel.

Reporting Copyright complaint on YouTube

When your video is snatched and reposted on their YouTube channel without your permission, then you have the rights to approach YouTube Community Team to raise the Copyright issue. Follow the below steps to do so.

    • Sign in to your YouTube channel.
    • Then click on settings of your channel.
    • Now it directs to the ‘Account.’
    • At the bottom of the page, you can find the ‘Copyright’ and click on it.
    • Then you find the page with the link
    • Here hit on the ‘submit a Copyright infringement notification.’

    • Click on ‘submit a copyright complaint.’
    • Now choose the options you need.

    • Continue filling the form by providing the required information and click on ‘submit complaint.’

  • Within 48 hours, you receive a message if it is obvious and some times it takes weeks.

Content ID Sign Up

Creation of Content ID is a type of license for your YouTube video content which helps creators to be away from the Copyright infringement.

When copycats are republishing the videos that you uploaded already then, YouTube will compare the new video with yours.

Depending on the results of database YouTube community team will delete the video. All this happens due to the ‘Content ID’ claim.

Retracting a claim of Copyright infringement

If you are reporting the Copyright complaint by mistake and if you want to change your mind to take off the complaint back.

Then you can approach retract a claim of Copyright infringement.

Dispute a content ID claim

If your YouTube video is proclaimed a content ID claim.

That means if you believe that system misidentified your YouTube video and you have the rights to use the Copyright-protected video content then you can dispute the content ID claim.

Then the Copyright owner will get the notice of it with the extension of 30 days to respond.


Everyone knows that YouTube has become the career platform for creators. It leads to getting more Copycats who are more particular about snatching the other’s video content to project themselves or add the bucks. To avoid all these Copyright issues keep an eye on YouTube Community Guidelines before uploading the video content on your YouTube channel.

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