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How to Measure Video Advertising? A Brand Marketer’s Analysis

Brand marketer’s analysis

Video advertising has become the must and should element in the internet advertising for brands. Marketers are focusing on the different trends in the video marketing.

Social media platforms also providing the different types of video ads to the marketers with different targeting algorithms across the web. Video marketers utilise these ad types according to their perception of marketing strategy.

When comes to measuring of digital video advertising, every marketer has their own strategic plan for analyzing or measuring the digital video advertising.

According to the survey reports, it is revealed that the digital video ads work in different ways and the measuring or analysing the digital video ads us completely different from marketer to marketer.

But most of them are analysing the digital video performance with the site traffic. In future, the measuring might transform into cost per acquisition.

Video marketers who are working in different fields like automotive, travel etc. are buying the ads within their company’s media budget and allocating the video ads.

More than 70 percent brand marketers are analysing their performance of video ads by taking the site traffic under consideration. And some marketers depend upon the ROI for measuring the video ads.

At present, store traffic and the metrics related to the brand are the other ways to measure the digital video online.

Measuring digital video ads with site traffic will continue as one of the top metric followed by the brand marketers in future. More than 32 percent marketers are like to measure their video performance with return on ad sales.

Therefore measuring the digital video ads varies from marketers to marketer.

It depends on upon the field they chosen for their brand marketing. In future, there might be other different ways to project the analysis of digital video ads.

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