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How to Market Your Brand Better Using Snapchat Video



Snapchat Video

Marketing mix strategy is the best tool for the marketer to promote his product. One of the mixes includes online promotion, which also called ‘content marketing.’ There are many channels offering content marketing, and some of them include channels like YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, etc. One of the competitors vying for the suitable pie in the market of content marketing is Snapchat.

What is Snapchat

Snapchat started its journey with the most famous name as ‘self-destructing images’ way back in 2011. Initially offered for students of Harvard University, Snapchat extended its operations to other fields as well as other parts of the world.

Increasing its popularity, Snapchat app today is available for both Android, iOS and is available in 20 languages (worldwide).In brief, the journey of Snapchat indicates that in May 2012there were just 25 images/second sent, and in November 2012, users had shared over one billion photos.

December 2012 saw Snapchat adding the ability to send video snaps in addition to photos, and this can term as the turning point for this channel. The most important feature here being that the video of up to 10 seconds can capture and after a single viewing, the video disappears by default (self-destruction photos/videos).

Snapchat in brief

  • Over 100 million daily active users.
  • 400 million snaps per day.
  • One of the fastest-growing social networks.

Marketing on Snapchat

The marketers can involve Snapchat as part of his marketing mix strategy and for this, he has to adhere to certain strategies as pointed below:

1) Provide access to his clients for his live events.

2) Delivering private content to selected audience.

3) Offering contests, prizes, perks etc.

4) Take people behind the curtains.

Snapchat is one of the wonderful online platforms offering excellent technology and also an excellent marketing opportunity. The marketer needs to cash the popularity of this channel for promotion of his products.

Ways to Use Snapchat Video for Business Marketing

At the point when organizations recognize the significance of new informal communities like Snapchat, they’ remaking a significant first stride towards associating with their gathering of people. However, it’ usually s just that they’ re plunging a toe. That approach frequently leaves more up to date systems, which can offer solid open doors, dismissed. For example, the only percent of advertisers have fused Snapchat into their systems.

To help you correctly set your organization, assembled a rundown of viable ways of Snapchat for business. While you ought to even now be trying these ideas with your exceptional group of onlookers, these Snapchat crusade thoughts have been utilized to impressive accomplishment by sagacious brands as of now. They ought to spare you some significant time amid the experimentation stage.

Assemble brand mindfulness with innovative snaps and influencer marketing

Expanding brand mindfulness is a standout amongst the most well-known reasons brands are utilizing informal organizations like Twitter and Facebook. This broad objective is appropriate to Snapchat, where identity and imagination rule.

The friendly community, which has an exceptionally active client base, is less about direct marketing and more about telling stories. The most prominent Snapchat highlight honestly called Snapchat Storie’s accumulations of pictures and short videos that keep going for 24 hours and go about as an account of your day or whatever story you’ retelling. In this environment, it’s the best stories that get shared, which puts organizations of all sizes on a level playing field.

Support marketing effort, with teasers

Ten seconds isn’t quite a while. It is a perfect measure of time for a teaser, however. Numerous brands in the amusement business have remembered this potential and have teased new appears or motion pictures on Snapchat.

Tease new items to your fans

A few brands still stress that social use can act naturally ruinous and lead to a large group of issues with overseeing client engagement. Be that as it may, others are hopping in, because advertisers can have a positive effect with item dispatches utilizing applications like Snapchat.

Snapchat is a perfect chance to begin teasing out videos and pictures of new items. Since these photographs last a few moments, you can expect a decent measure of buzz and chatter to surge around your new advertising.

Pull back the shade

Snapchat can likewise be utilized to take your supporters past crude items and administrations so you can connect with the group more. Take them off-camera to flaunt your organization. Have a great time, and utilize the inscription and attracting devices inside Snapchat to flaunt your identity and corporate society. It is an extraordinary chance to demonstrate your fans how different your image is from your rivals’.

You need to blend it up off-camera, turn control of your Snapchat account among trusted representatives. Give them every power of it for a day or something like that. Snapchat includes a lot of assortment and flavor that your fans will appreciate. Just make sure to set a few rules to keep ” terrible stuff” from appearing.

This could be the most useful article that no can share their successful marketing strategy to immerse others in the success. The Snapchat is the top trending social media platform to achieve success by launching video snaps at the vast number of audience. If you want to open the success account at your business branding make this guide to be at your business.

The Benefits of Marketing Your Business on Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile multimedia application that is giving a tough fight to other mobile applications. More than 150 million people are using Snapchat every day. Experts are expecting that Snapchat will become the number one mobile application in the coming years. Snapchat has launched five years ago but is attracting user with unique features.

More than six hundred crore pictures and videos are shared through Snapchat. Most of the Snapchat users are below the age group of twenty-five years. Thus this is a great platform to reach young consumers, and Snapchat can be a great marketing platform.   Here are the benefits of using Snapchat for marketing.

• Snapchat is a very powerful medium to attract young consumers

• The Snapchat platform is perfect for storytelling and helps in building the brand.

• It is easy to reach, engage and connect with the young consumers through Snapchat

• The snaps and stories shared via Snapchat disappear in twenty-four hours, and thus there will be a sense of urgency and followers daily check the snaps and stories.

• Snapchat allows interaction with the consumers and to get private feedback.   This will create a personal bond between the consumer and the brand.

• Businesses can use Snapchat to promote their brands or products with the help of live events.

• Behind the scenes, content is the king and is loved by the audience.

• Snapchat can be used as a social marketing tool. Develop the content, share it, and add a call to action. This will help build a follower base.

• Businesses can let the follower base know about the discounts, offers etc available.

• Brands can create unique content for their followers which they cannot see on other digital platforms.

Snapchat is the better opportunity to study the behavior of the youth and know about their preferences. Any brand of business will have a great future if it can attract young customers. Thus businesses should use Snapchat for brand building.

Why Snapchat is a Future of TV?

Snapchat started its journey way back in 2012 as an App used by people for sending disappearing photos. The basic characteristic of Snapchat is that the photos (on the screen of the receiver) will disappear after a lapse of the time limit set by the sender. These are also known as self-destructing photos. Here are the reasons why Snapchat is a Future of TV.

Evolution of Snapchat

From a platform to share disappearing photos, the concept promoted itself as a platform to share ‘Snapchat Stories’. This new concept co-travelled with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Snapchat Stories also retained the original concept of ‘disappearing’ as in the case of Snapchat.

Snapchat as the marketing tool

The increasing popularity of Snapchat is an instant marketing tool for marketers (to promote their products). As per certain initial estimations, the followers of this wonderful concept “Snapchat” crossed 25 million world-over. This staggering figure is naturally an attraction for the marketers to promoters on this channel as well.

SnapChat Vs TV

Television, no doubt, has been an all time darling for the marketers to put their products on show and they are able to observe the result sooner or later. As the increased popularity of SnapChat is indirectly competing TV in terms of viewership, marketers are able to find the potential of this new concept i.e., Snapchat.

SnapChat as a Future TV

With the increasing technological advancements, TV can offer many features for its advertisers as well as viewers. Snapchat is no way lesser than TV in offering similar advancements. For this reason, only Snapchat can be placed as a perfect replacement for TV. Moreover, the Snapchat can offer one more feature than TV, i.e., mobility. As the users world-over are more accustomed to the mobile phone, Snapchat is sure to increase its popularity and also become the Future TV within no time.

7 Tactful Snapchat Marketing Tips You’re Missing Out On

Snapchat can be a great platform for promoting brands and startups. This is a very powerful medium to attract youth.   According to surveys, Snapchat is the best tool for marketing now, and there are many reasons for this.   Videos shared disappear immediately, and so there will be no jam.   We can accurately find the snaps that count the number of users viewed the Snapchat shares. Snapchat is in higher growth rate as it has crores of active users.

Snapchat is beneficial in analyzing the behavior of youth and to find their tastes.   Any brand can have a good future if it attracts youth. Snapchat thus can be used for building the brand. Here are few wise marketing tips for Snapchat that you are missing out.

  1. More filters can be added to a snap. You can add the temperature, location and other filters.
  2. Many creative editing options are using which you can add face recognition videos, emojis, and texts.
  3. You can share Snaps only with the specific target followers.   A story can be shared with more than one video or photos, and this will expire after one day.
  4. Post different types of content. The most effective types of content are How it is made videos, do tutorials yourself, interviews, A day in the life videos, etc.
  5. Analyze the performance of a video based on how many times it is viewed, who saved your snap, new followers, etc.
  6. The timing of the snap is another thing to analyze to know at what time the snaps are getting more views.
  7. The Snapchat takeover feature helps you to reach a new audience.   Give your login information to some other friend, partner or celebrity, and this will bring variety to Snaps and helps for the increase of followers.

Pros & Cons of Having Your Business on Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile application where you can share photos and videos. These snaps, as they called when taken with the application, disappear as soon as they viewed. Many of us may wonder whether it is beneficial to use Snapchat for business promotion. Let us now see the pros and cons of having Business on Snapchat

Pros of using Snapchat for Business

There are lots of young audiences on Snapchat, and sharing your video campaigns on Snapchat will help to reach this audience and generate leads. The ads can engage these young customers to spark excitement about the product or service. Snapchat gives the option of op-in to receive the ads. When users want to receive the ads, they prefer content that is entertaining and engaging. Since the snaps are of a unique view of nature, the users pay more attention to it as they know that it cannot view again. There is a feature ‘Discover’ on Snapchat which can be used to increase the reach.

Snapchat is a closed app, and only those who downloaded it can see the pics and videos. Marketers can easily reach only the target audience. Exclusive and real content shared on Snapchat, and it is attracting creative and serious content.

The single view nature of Snapchat can be a disadvantage as the prospective customer may miss the vital information about the business. It is difficult to find whether your message reached the audience or not. The number of views cannot confirm whether they watched the video or not. The campaigning videos posted on Snapchat deleted after twenty-four hours. After that, it cannot get back. Thus the marketer needs to save the clip before or after posting it. There are very few ways to track the performance and effect of the snaps.

Science behind Snapchat Score Calculation

Everyone will have an idea of Snapchat to share the videos related to either business or personal. But most of the people don’t know how to get Snapchat points with the involvement of science. To find that have a look at this article.

What is Snapchat?

It is a top-rated mobile app used to send and receive photos and videos that once viewed by the friends. This app, developed by a small team of Stanford University, launched in September 2011 and is available on IOS & Android devices. It can download for free, and messages can send freely.

What is the Snapchat score?

It is the total of all snaps sent, received and opened as maintained on the Snapchat server. Your score increases when you sent a snap, receive a snap, and also when you open it. Please note that there are no scores awarded for chats.

Why is Snapchat score needed?

As always, more numbers is more fun. People want to excel in their field, and Snapchat is one of the fields that many people have joined, people want to prove their supremacy by getting a higher score. Having a higher Snapchat score is funnier. Additionally, this score is also useful for getting ‘user trophy’ awarded by Snapchat. This trophy is an indication of Snapchat usage pattern of the individual.

How the Snapchat score increases?

The algorithm behind the Snapchat score is highly mysterious and almost impossible to hack/crack. Various trials to find out the algorithm proved unsuccessful. Ultimately the mystery got attributed to the glitch or bug in the system.

How to increase the Snapchat score? The only way to increase the Snapchat score is by sending and receiving as many snaps or stories as you can. As already mentioned, chats don’t add to your points. Another way of increasing your Snapchat score is by adding celebrities who have great followers and posting your Snaps to them. Eventually, even if the celebrity doesn’t open your snaps, the followers of celebrities will contribute to increasing your score.

Snapchat Unboxing Videos – The Next Big Trend

Unboxing videos are unwrapping new products before the camera and explaining each part of the product. YouTube unboxing videos were viral, and this feature is now making its way to Snapchat. Snapchat has more and younger audience as users, and many marketers believe that Snapchat Unboxing Videos help to reach this younger audience to generate leads.

Unboxing videos are not only informative but also are sources of entertainment. These help the customer to understand better the product and these can also influence the buying decision.

Unboxing videos clear the confusion of the consumer about a product. A well-informed customer can decide to purchase a product.

When unboxing videos are uploaded which are user-generated content, people prefer knowing the information about the product from it than from their relatives or friends.

Studies also showed that these Snapchat Unboxing Videos are also believed by most consumers, as is evident from the surveys. Brands can publish these videos in Snapchat so their contacts can view them and know about the product.

Snapchat Unboxing Videos Tips

Snapchat Unboxing Videos can bring to free promotion.This helps for brand exposure and can also increase traffic to your e-commerce site.

With Snapchat Unboxing Videos, it is possible to create customer experience which can generate leads.These videos also help the brand to get connected to the customers.

Create unboxing videos that dramatize the unpacking process.Unboxing can be for any product and not just for electronics and gadgets.   Post your unboxing videos on Snapchat during holidays, summer vacation or other relevant moments.

Small business owners can use Snapchat unboxing videos for promotions of their creations, products etc.In recent times there is a growth in the popularity of unboxing videos, and you should catch on this trend for the growth of your business.

After reading this article, you might get an idea of how the Snapchat is going to be the major platform for everyone that is being demanded in the video marketing world to promote their products or services. The use of Snapchat will give higher growth at a short period.

Snapchat New Video Filters for Users

Snapchat has made its mark on the web among the messaging applications today. Snapchat is the most used application by the people. Even many business marketers got succeed with Snapchat advertising. It is the messaging application which speeded up the vertical video trend. The vertical video trend has influenced many video platforms like YouTube too. Snapchat New Video Filters for Users always become an all-time buzz on the web with different updates. Today, it was on the top news with its three new filters update within the application.

The New Set of Filters on Snapchat

The popular messaging app has updated different features for its users. It is now allowing its users to make the videos with slow motion, fast-forwarding type, and Rewind, play features that can make the Snapchat most exciting for the users. So, users are now looking forward to using the interesting filters for their videos on Snapchat. The developers have added these three filters to the Snapchat and called them as “Speed Modifiers” for the videos on Snapchat application.

The users can allow adding these three effects with just swiping the filters whenever it was necessary for your video. Great fun to rewind the video at same speed backward and making a humorous video bit by fast-forwarding the video of your friend.

Using the New Filters

The users have to update the new October Snapchat to access these three filters. Once it was updated, you have to choose the camera you want to use, which can work with the filters. So, record your video and go slide from the right side to the left side and apply the new filters and have fun with your friends on Snapchat.

Here is the complete guide to Snapchat video filters that are being the trending concept in the present era. If you don’t know how to get in touch with the Snapchat video filters, go through this to find the detailed sketch of it.

15 Tips to Create Your Perfect Snapchat Profile for Video Marketing

each will have an idea of Snapchat, which is used to share the videos either personally or professionally. When you have chosen it for marketing, then you should create the perfect Snapchat profile. The amazing ways to Snapchat profile for video marketing are explained here.

Snapchat is a fascinating social platform for users as well as for the brands too. Snapchat was growing with a great user base and increasing brand interactions with the platform. Every marketer today was targeting the Snapchat network for its marketing promotions and building the visibility to expand the reach. The Snapchat is mobile-focused marketing that was combined with better engagement with great creativity and uniqueness with different filters.

At present, the platform has more than a hundred million active users daily. But with this type of growing platform, it is tough to find out a way to start your marketing to deliver the best content to the audience using the network as the main medium. Here are some 15 important tips for the marketers while getting started with the Snapchat profile for your video marketing on Snapchat. Here we go.

  1. Get started with signing up for the Snapchat account by providing your email address. start your first step in marketing with the Snapchat home screen by adding your name and contacts.
  2. Create the username that is relevant to your brand or company as it cannot be changed or edited later.
  3. Get started with the small group of audience depending upon the behavior of the users.
  4. Go with exact usernames the only ad shares the ghost without messaging.
  5. Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes on Snapchat every day to increase your engagement levels. The post disappears after 24 hours. So to overcome the fear of missing the audience, it is better to spend time.
  6. Go with real tie content to utilize the power of mobile devices to turn the users into publishers and to create new live coverage.
  7. After making a snap, there will be two different options, one is my story, and the other is my contacts. The marketers must use the special story sharing icon which is present on the bottom screen looks like a little square symbol at the corner.
  8. Go with free stories by setting it to the public. So everyone can follow you to view your story.
  9. Head towards the stories area to view your story and how others are engaging with your story.
  10. Access the statistics and edit your stories
  11. Go with Snapchat discover feature to grab the attention of the people.
  12. Utilize vertical video advertising which has three times more engagement than the normal videos.
  13. Utilize the geo-filters feature on Snapchat to reach the people
  14. Enable the monetization on Snapchat with a proper marketing strategy to invest.
  15. Expand your e-commerce with Snapchat advertising.

Sanpchat is one of the best video advertising website in Social media. The above tips will lead you to how to Use Snapchat for video advertising platforms.

Snapchat Live Stories – The Next Big Thing

Live stories run the extent of points, and their expansive extension is a key to their allure. Before this fall, Snapchat did a Passport arrangement, spotlighting another city or nation every day with pictures of national nourishments and landmarks. They were both instructive and entertaining. Live Stories attract 10 million to 20 million sets of millennial eyeballs each day. Though Snapchat Discover is as yet making sense of who it is and which content works best, live stories are instinctive. People were at that point and still are doing them. The stage is convincing unequivocally because it’s intelligent, it’s impermanent, and it’s a look into another life just like TV was for past eras.

Like life, Live Stories can be entertaining or intriguing or the only pointless. The absolute most fascinating ones are the previews of ordinary life. But Live Stories aren’ without the potential for development. The games related ones tend to be the slightest intriguing. Snapchat isn’t only to share cuts off your existence with your companions any longer. Another element called ” Our Story” has started taking off to all clients today, which gives you a chance to make and view open accumulations of photographs and recordings caught at the same live occasion say a show or games amusement even with individuals who aren’t on your Friends list.

In case you’re-utilizing Snapchat at a significant occasion where other individuals are additionally utilizing the application, you can add your video and photograph snaps to a more critical open gathering. Anybody on the planet with Snapchat can then open their app, discover the accumulation of snaps from that occasion, and watch it as a solitary Snapchat Story. The component doesn’t distinguish who made which snaps, just demonstrating that they were all caught on the same occasion.

The NFL inked a unique arrangement to deliver week after week Live Stories, including off-camera encounters and amusement highlights. However, despite everything it appears to be Live Stories are taking care of business when it feels like a story about another person’s life.

Snapchat, which has begun as a vaporous photograph informing application is taking the universe of informing applications by storm with it’s ever one of a kind feature. Snapchat began to minister what it initially called ” Our Story” and is currently called Live Stories. The stories of the Snapchat became very popular since 2014 after its launch. The arrangement is an amalgamation of snaps, generally submitted by clients, and gathered by Snapchat staff. They sewed together photographs and recordings—a muddled, steady camera rendition of live-tweeting remains constant storytelling potential. There’s a tiny bit of each online networking stage in a Live Story, however for the most part, somewhat like Instagram and Vine combined into one, which is presumably why the stage is such a hit. It’s its story structure. However, it feels well known.

How to get into Snapchat live story

Snapchat gives you a chance to contribute both photographs and recordings to an occasion’s Story. After you have taken a picture or a video of the occasion utilizing the Snapchat application, tap on the bolt image at the base right. Snapchat will take you to the ” Send To,” a page where you will discover the occasion recorded. Select the opportunity and by and by a tap on the bolt image that shows up at the base right and you will have contributed your snap to the occasion’s Story.

Keep in mind that you will need to first turn on the area administrations on your cell phone for this Snapchat highlight to work. You can add snaps to Our Story just if Snapchat recognizes that you situated inside of the geo-wall of an occasion. Aside from being an extraordinary element for the clients, Our Story is additionally an essential element of Snapchat. Our Story is Snapchat’s initial move towards adaptation. Normally, Snapchat will push supported Stories to its clients to create income.

More than ten to twenty million people are watching the live stories every day. The application is also featured across 100 different countries and featured its local stories in the six US cities along with the two states along with one state in London with over 50 curators are choosing the various Snapchat the day with the thousands of submissions across the platform. If you are going to the Snapchat feature and love to stand out from the crowd and like to stamp your presence, then read the following tips.

  • Prefer videos to photos
  • Utilise all the features like lenses, filters etc.
  • Add relevant contexts to the snaps with location
  • Interact with the audience
  • Target them uniquely to grab the audience attention


Snapchat application mostly used by all the business advertisers for video advertising. Snapchat new video Filters take less time to create a video with graphical representation. Some people may not be aware of Snapchat new Video Filters; this guide leads you to how to make use of Snapchat New advance Video Filters.

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